Get ready for Back-to-School with these 10 tips

Get ready for Back-to-School with these 10 tips


It's officially that time of the year.

Time to set alarms, pack lunches and put your kiddo's favorite beachball back in closet for next year.

And whether you've gone to war for that last Yellow 2-Pocket Folder at the super store...

Or spent hours browsing through the "hottest new school supplies" on Amazon, we have the Cliffs notes you need to completely ace this time of the year.

Here are the 10 things you can do to get your kids starting school on the right foot:

1. Start a back-to-school sleep schedule

Lazy summer days mean staying up late watching movies and sleeping in after the rooster crows. And that dreamy schedule can be hard to break out of!

So prep the kids (and maybe yourself too!) for early morning wake ups by starting now. Get those sleep habits back on track and you’ll set your family up for a fantastic first day of school!

2. Set a Morning Routine

While we’re on the topic of schedules, let’s go ahead and get that morning routine down too. If your kiddo is old enough, this would be a great time to involve them in creating their own morning routine! 

Make sure to add in plenty of time to get a good breakfast and a morning symptom check before getting on the school bus. 

3. Create a Homework Space 

Your little one may or may not be attending school in-person, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a homework space. 

One area dedicated to homework will help you kiddo focus when it’s time to get those math problems down or practice their sight words.

And of course, let them help! They’ll enjoy the space more knowing they created it. 

4. Back-to-school Check-up

Before starting classes is the perfect time to visit your kiddo’s pediatrician for a check up. Be prepared with a list of questions and any symptoms you may have noticed in your little one. 

This is also a great time to ask about the COVID vaccine if your child is old enough, and get advice directly from a medical professional who’s familiar with their medical history.

5. Playdates with Classmates

If you can, setting up a playdate with another kiddo in your child’s class can help ease those first day jitters. 

Contact your kiddo’s teacher and they’ll point you in the right direction! And maybe give you a few extra tips for an amazing first day.

6. Meet The Teacher

Speaking of having an amazing first day, meeting the teacher is always a great idea! You’ll have the opportunity to get connected with the teacher and your little one will feel much better having you there.

7. Set Learning Goals

This is a great time to start teaching your little about goal setting. Go over the curriculum and help your kiddo set S.M.A.R.T learning goals for the school year. 

Remember, S.M.A.R.T goals are:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Relevant

T - Time-bound

8. Donate Clothes That Doesn’t Fit 

You know how fast your little one is growing, and chances are, there’s a pile of clothes that doesn’t fit! So before adding any new back-to-school outfits, consider going through your kid’s wardrobe and donating clothes that’s too small.

9. Stock Up On Vitamins

Going back to school means more exposure to not only COVID, but all school-related illnesses. So make sure to stock up on immune boosting vitamins such as Renzo’s Back To School Bundle for a strong immune systems and laser focused minds!

10. Do Something Fun

Back-to-school is always a stressful time, but don’t forget to have fun Picky Parent! Check out the 7 Thrilling Things To Do Before Summer Ends to soak up the final rays of summer.

We hope you have a fantastic back to-school season!

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