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Why Renzo's?

It's Melting! The science behind our Melty Tabs

Mannitol and Xylitol. While they sound like the latest celebrity baby names, these are two plant-derived ingredients that help our Melty Tabs dissolve, making a great tasting and fun-to-take vitamin. Together, these natural sugar substitutes have dissolvable properties without having to use an ounce of sugar.

We pay twice as much to get this melty-ness.

We use premium, non-GMO forms of Mannitol and Xylitol in our vitamins and demand that they be the best grade available. These two ingredients are sourced directly from Europe (where GMOs are strictly prohibited) and you would be hard-pressed to find them at this level of quality in traditional dietary supplements. We shell out the big bucks for big, important people like you. ;)

Hand-selected vitamins & minerals.

Especially the ones with ‘science-y’ sounding names.

While much of the vitamin industry runs rampant with shortcuts and cheap ingredients, we fork out even more cash to make sure your loved ones get only the best on the market

Take these ingredients, for example:


This pricey ingredient is critical for brain and heart health is already in a form of folate the body can use, even for the estimated 40% of the population that can't process the cheaper non-bioactive version (folic acid) found in most dietary supplements


We use this more premium and bioactive form (over cyanocobalamin), which is made through a process that doesn’t result in the typical byproducts that pollute our oceans.

Vitamin D3

We even go above and beyond for this simple ingredient, using a vegan source that doesn’t take advantage of the inhumane treatment of sheep (nearly all vitamin D3 used in vitamins comes from lanolin, a waxy skin excretion and byproduct of wool production). Free the sheep!

Plant-based magnesium stearate

This special ingredient is a plant-based compound that keeps our Melty Tabs from sticking to equipment during manufacture. Part Magnesium, part Stearic Acid, it's a mainstay in dietary supplements ranging from premium vitamins like ours to herbal and botanical blends. In fact, cocoa and flaxseeds are both foods with high levels of Stearic Acid and Magnesium is known for its countless health benefits.

We source ours from a premium supplier we know by name and use about 3 dashes per bottle of Renzo’s. Consider it our version of edible, plant-based fairy dust; it keeps the magic flowing.