My child has a food allergy. Is Renzo’s right for me?

Our products are free from the “Big 8 Allergens” which includes:

Fish, Shellfish (crustacean), Tree nuts (walnut, pecan, almond), Peanuts, Gluten (wheat, rye, barley), Soy, Milk (Beta-lactoglobulin dairy and casein), and Eggs.

Our products are tested in 3rd Party Labs which follow FDA guidelines when checking for any traces of the aforementioned ingredients.

Regardless, we always advise consulting with a healthcare professional before use of any dietary supplement, along with careful monitoring in the case of treating allergic reactions.

Does your product contain carrots, rice and/or legumes?

We only test for the “Big 8 Allergens” listed above, but it is highly unlikely our products would contain traces of other foods (such as carrots, rice, or legumes) because all of our ingredients come from highly purified sources.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

No artificial sweeteners here! 

Unlike the rest of the kids supplements out there, we use the magic of monk fruit to sweeten our delicious melty vitamins.

Monk fruit is a natural, plant-derived source of sweetness that has been used for almost 8 centuries. It has all sweet charm and none of sugar's harm.

What are Xylitol and Mannitol? Why do you use them in your Melty Tabs?

When creating the perfect formula for Renzo’s melty tabs, we didn’t choose Mannitol & Xylitol just because they rhyme. 

These two key ingredients are plant-derived, tooth-friendly sweeteners known as sugar alcohols or “polyols.” In fact, xylitol is known to have anti-cavity properties, which is why pediatric dentists usually recommend our Melty Tabs.

Don’t let their fancy name scare you though - they are neither sugar nor alcohol. Their name comes from their chemical structure, in which part of it looks like sugar and a part looks like alcohol.

Together, Mannitol and Xylitol allow our tablets to quickly dissolve upon contact with saliva. Their unique interaction is the driving force behind our melty disappearing act. 

What are your natural flavors and colors? Why are they not specified?

Our natural flavors and colors are extracted from natural fruit extracts mixed with essential oils to stabilize the flavor long-term. Just like all of our ingredients, our natural flavors are Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.

The natural flavor and color will vary depending on the product. For example, in our Picky Eater Multi, we use natural cherry extract and a cherry color. On the other hand, Iron Strong & Bright and Brainy B6 use a natural orange extract. 

In order to create the perfect balance of aroma and flavor, we use numerous flavoring raw materials that come from natural sources. Therefore, it’s possible for our natural flavors to contain trace amounts of numerous of other fruits and vegetables.

If your child has any specific fruit or vegetable allergy, we always advise consulting with a healthcare professional before use of any dietary supplement, along with careful monitoring in the case of treating allergic reactions.

Do you use methylated vitamins?

Yes, we utilize methylcobalamin for Vitamin B12 and L-5-methylfolate for Folate.

My child has the MTHFR gene mutation - can I use your product? Does your product contain folic acid?

We are happy to say our Melty Tabs only utilize Folate as L-5-methylfolate in our Renzo’s! We only believe in using the best ingredients and that means no synthetic folic acid.

Knowing many kids are prone to folate deficiencies due to the mutation of the MTHFR gene, we take extra precautions to make sure our Melty Tabs are safe and effective for everyone.

Are these vegetarian and/or vegan-friendly?

All of our products are 100% vegan-friendly.

Are your products kosher?

While our Melty Tabs aren’t certified kosher, you can rest assured that we don’t use any animal products in our vitamins.

Do your products contain stevia?

Nope! Our products do not contain stevia. We only use monk fruit extract and natural flavors to get our yummy taste just right.

Are your products corn-free? What about mannitol, isn’t that derived from corn?

Our mannitol is a natural sweetener derived from Non-GMO corn. However, our Melty Tabs do not contain traces of corn as our ingredients are highly purified. Generally, corn-sensitivity arises due to the presence of gluten. All Renzo’s products are tested and verified to be 100% Gluten-Free!

How much mannitol is in the product?

We use less significantly than 0.5 grams per tablet -- just the right amount to make our Melty Tabs dissolve easily in tiny mouths. 



Can adults take these vitamins?

Yes! However, our Melty Tabs are dosed specifically for children, so if you choose to take Renzo’s, you'd likely need to adjust your serving size accordingly. We recommend consulting a healthcare professional to choose a dose that is right for you.

Until what age can my child take these?

Children can continue to take Renzo’s into adulthood, although their nutritional requirements may change over time. We always recommend consulting a healthcare professional to choose a dose that is right for your child.

My kids are younger than 2 years old, can they still take Renzo’s?

Although we've heard of instances in which kids as young as 16 months have taken our Melty Tabs, we can only recommend Renzo’s for Ages 2+ (as per FDA guidelines). However, you may consult a healthcare professional to see if Renzo’s is right for your young child.



How do I know if my child needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals?

Although there are many reasons why your child may need to supplement with specific vitamins or minerals, it's always best to consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Here’s our blog detailing some common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies in kids.

Can the vitamins be taken together?

Yes, our products can be taken together, as well as on an empty stomach, and with no water required! If your child prefers, they can certainly take Renzo’s with a meal as well.

It is possible for Iron absorption to be limited by the presence of Calcium, so it may be best to not take Renzo’s Iron Strong in coordination with a Calcium supplement or Calcium-fortified foods.

What happens if my child chews these?

Your little one can certainly chew their Melty Tabs instead of letting them dissolve, no worries there! The vitamins and minerals will still be absorbed and be just as effective. The best part is whatever gets stuck on their teeth will quickly melt away! No cavities here :)

My child is still having difficulty taking vitamins - what else can I do?

First, make sure they aren't taking our Melty Tabs right after eating something sweet, like breakfast cereal, candy, or cookies (or that ice cream sundae that your carpool partner got for them on the way home!).

Since our Melty Tabs are made with wholesome ingredients and zero sugar, the perception of their natural flavors can be impacted if very sweet things are eaten before (or if your child has an especially strong sweet tooth).

Second, many parents have success in dissolving the Melty Tabs in water or juice and giving it to their child in liquid form. The absorption and effectiveness of our vitamins and minerals will be the same, so we highly suggest giving this method a try! 

If you’ve tried all these tips and tricks with your picky eater to no avail, just send us a note and we'll refund your order, no questions asked.



Do you offer discounts?

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Do you offer samples of your vitamins?

We carry small sample packs for all of our products! Samples can be provided upon request in a limited quantity. Please contact us to request a sample pack.

Are you FDA-certified? What are your certifications?

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn't certify or "approve" dietary supplements. However, we do manufacture Renzo’s in our own NSF-certified, FDA-registered facility, which means we absolutely follow all FDA safety guidelines! You can trust that we take all precautions to ensure that we make the cleanest and safest products for your little ones.