5 School Safety Tips For Flu Season

5 School Safety Tips For Flu Season

Happy October!

The kiddos are back in school and can we just admit we’re a little relieved. But only a little. Because as we get those Halloween costumes ready, here comes flu season right around the corner.

But let me tell you, after the toilet paper fiasco and trying out this whole “online learning” thing, there’s nothing us mommas can’t handle!

We got this.

And here at Renzo’s, we’re here to help you stay on top of this flu season.  Whether that's providing you with an immunity bundle or sharing these simple tips.

We can’t watch our kids while they’re at school, but we can be prepared and help them develop healthy habits to keep them safe.

So here are a few school safety tips to keep that flu bug away.

1. Prepare for the school day

Teachers are working extra hard to ensure there’s plenty of hand sanitizer and masks. But sending your kiddos to school with their own set of essentials means less sharing and potential to bring the flu bug home. 

Also, keep in mind that some schools have shut off water fountains to minimize COVID spread. (Totally get it!) But remember, hydration is key to keeping your kids protected from the flu. So make sure your little one has a water bottle packed before they hop on that school bus.

Here’s a quick checklist to make those busy mornings a little more manageable:

  • Mask (including a back-up mask)
  • Resealable bag to store their mask when not in use
  • Hand sanitizer - at least 60% alcohol
  • Tissues or napkins
  • Water bottle

2. Hands to yourself. . . (and away from your face!)

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that kids love having fun. Especially with their schoolmates. They love to cuddle, hug, and play. But let’s remind them how important it is to keep our hands to ourselves. This includes not touching anything that doesn’t belong to us.

But that’s not the only thing. Keeping our hands away from our face is a big one too. I mean, even us adults who know full and well struggle (uhh, maybe still struggling. . . ) with this one.

So let’s continue watching our kiddos and gently remind them to keep their hands away from their eyes, nose, and mouth. And cough into their elbows or a tissue rather than their hands.

3. Clean, clean, CLEAN

We’ve probably gone through more hand sanitizer this year than a lifetime. But practicing good hygiene at home can create habits for when our little ones are at school.

Make sure they know how to wash their hands properly with plenty of water and soap. You can also review the 5 steps to proper handwashing:

  1. Wet
  2. Lather
  3. Scrub
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry

Singing the Happy Birthday song twice is just the right amount of time to keep those germy flu bugs away. Or better yet, have them sing their ABC’s! 

And here are just a few more tips to help get through this flu season:

  • Remind them to wipe down their desks frequently - practice by involving them at home. 
  • Use hand sanitizer after touching any surface that doesn’t belong to them. But make sure your little one knows how to safely use it.
  • Throw tissues away after first use. 

4. Avoid sharing

It seems like we’ve always been taught that “sharing is caring,” right? Well, when it comes to our kiddos, they love to share anything and everything! Not just toys, but food, drinks, and . . . well, let’s not go into too many details.

And yes, we want them to be social. To learn and play together. But we need to keep their safety first. Make sure to sit down with them and teach them why sharing is a big no-no this season. 

5. Start a morning symptom check

To kick flu season’s butt, we all need to do our part! This means keeping our little ones home if they do get sick. But with hectic mornings, it’s easy to miss those early warning signs.

Implementing a symptom check into your morning school day routine can help ensure we stop this flu bug right in its tracks. 

And remember, we lead by example! You’re a rockstar momma and your kiddo is following your lead. So let’s stay on top of our own healthy habits and our kids will follow.

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