Back to School Guide: 5 Tips To Start The School Year Off Right

Back to School Guide: 5 Tips To Start The School Year Off Right

As our world goes slowly back to normal and summer play time gets cut short, we are now entering a familiar time of the year: getting ready for our kiddos to go back to school. 

We know heading back to school can always stir up a big pot of nerves and excitement (mostly from us moms) and it can be a bit overwhelming, especially right now when “back to school” might look a little bit different for everyone. 

However, whether your kiddos are going back to actual “school” or trading their notebooks for laptops and internet access, there are few ways to prepare and put those nerves to rest. Below we have listed a few tips that will help you start off the year on the right foot.

1. Set A Routine Again:

As pool days end and sunburns fade, it is very important to get your kiddo on an established routine again. This could mean an earlier bedtime, regulating “screen time”, or simply planning out specific “snack breaks” in between virtual school. This will help keep kids focused while giving you time to get organized as well. 

Because getting your kids used to a new kind of schedule can be difficult, we definitely advise you to implement a new routine a few weeks before classes begin. This way both you and your little ones can ease into it.

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare:

If you’re looking to avoid hectic mornings (remember those? *sigh),it’s best to leave everything ready the night before. This includes outfits, backpacks or favorite toys. Some experts even recommend writing everything you need to do before school starts down in a list format. You can then print it out, laminate it and set it up somewhere all your kiddos can see it. This way, not only are you motivated but your little ones are too. 

Preparing snacks can be a huge time saver as well. Not only will it save you time but it allows you to incorporate delicious AND nutritious foods so that your kiddo is fueled up throughout the day. A big win-win! 

Also, If you already know that getting your kiddos to eat healthy will be a long and hard battle, check out our Picky Eater blog for lots of smoothie recipes and ideas that are great ways for your kiddos to get the vitamins and nutrients they need- without all the drama!

3. Have Your Toolbox Ready:

Having all your “tools” ready can be a real game changer when it comes to going back to school. And nope, we don’t mean your everyday, bob-the-builder toolbox.

Whether you’re packing your kiddo’s backpack with masks and hand sanitizer, or you’re downloading their favorite learning app on their computer, it is important to have important resources or “tools” ready to go. 

This way, you are ahead of the game with one less worry. These tools could range from purchasing extra school supplies to restocking on your favorite kiddo-approved vitamins and supplements.  

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4. Talk About It & Make It Fun 

Kids can get distracted easily but they can certainly pick up on what is going on. Although they might be aware of the pandemic and the "new normal" it's still important to communicate with them how school will be a bit different these months. Explain to them that the situation may be temporary and what they can expect long term.

After explaining everything to your kiddo, we also recommend making the situation fun by incorporating stay-at-home games, a fun “getting home from school” routine or even scheduling time to personalize face masks and let your kiddo make it their own. 

5. Get your supplements ready

If you're looking for more "tools" that will give you peace of mind this fall, we have exclusively combined all the must-have essentials for your kiddo to get back into school mode in our new Back to School Bundle.

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At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether your kiddo is leaving the house to continue with their classes or not. What matters is that they are safe, healthy and happy :) 

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