5 Ways to Protect Your Kids During Flu Season

5 Ways to Protect Your Kids During Flu Season

Fall is officially here mommas! And although we love its Earthy colors and its yummy holiday food, we are sad to say the dreaded cold and flu season is back in town. (As if 2020 wasn't a full blown cold season already). 

The good news is you can protect your little ones from catching the flu by following the right precautions. We've put together 5 easy ways you can get started: 

1. Keep your little ones active

Although hydration and exercise are things we often overlook, these two factors have a huge impact on the strength of kid's immune system, which has to be at its strongest to fight off any cold or flu. Schedule time for weekly family walks or an exciting backyard sport game, and bring lots of water. Trust us, their immune system will thank you!

2. Veggies are NOT the enemy (even if your kiddos say they are) 

We get it mommas, this is definitely easier said than done. However it is crucial that your little ones eat as healthy as possible during this time. Put your cooking hats on and try to create meals rich with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients while avoiding junk and processed alternatives. We also know by experience that picky eaters are not so easy to convince, so this might be the perfect time to put your Picky Eater Mom hacks” into full force. 

3. Keep everything as clean as possible

One thing that this year has taught us is practicing good hygiene. We know how easy it is for diseases to spread when people cough or sneeze on their hands and touch everyday items like door knobs, television remotes, and cell phones. So you know the drill: make sure your kids wash their hands often, keep a clean home, and watch where they put their hands. (You know you've seen kids sneeze in their hands in the supermarket and then touch all the fruits)  Be a role model and teach your kids to cough or sneeze on their upper sleeves to avoid spreading germs. 

4. Don't Panic, be Proactive

In a perfect world, preparing for flu season would mean your kiddo is never exposed (we can always dream, right?) but realistically we know there is always a risk. If your kid does catch a cold, there's no need to panic, simple stay proactive.

Make sure they rest and they are very well hydrated. Because the flu often comes with high fever, you may want to take your kid to the doctor asap. Be mindful of the child’s interactions with siblings, too, to hopefully limit spreading the flu to brothers, sisters and you as well. (you don’t want a household full of sick kids AND sick parents.)

5. Stock up on important supplements

Now might not the best time to be running out of your essential vitamins. Especially if your little ones are known to have a long list of “do not eat” foods. Antioxidants like Vitamin C keep the immune system strong so that if your little one is exposed, they can fight off the virus.

 Because we love to make your life a bit easier, we’ve put together the perfect Immunity Builder Bundle so that you can have your cabinet stocked and ready for this flu season. It includes our brand NEW Invincible Vitamin C, Picky Eater Multi & our Dynamite D3. Use code IMMUNITY to get 15% OFF this essential trio!

We know this is a lot to think about but remember, being proactive and preparing is the best way to go.

Let’s kick 2020 flu season in the butt!


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