6 ways to safely celebrate Fourth of July

6 ways to safely celebrate Fourth of July

Guess what? You’re invited to celebrate our birthday party — America’s birthday that is! And let’s just say we have too many memories of roman candles “misbehaving.”

That’s why this July 4th, we’re swapping our fireworks for a little less fire and a ton more fun.

Check out these 6 fun and kid-safe alternatives to celebrate the 4th of July holiday without firecrackers.

1.Glow Sticks

July 4th celebrations usually start during the day but last well into the night. So when the sun goes down, break out the glow sticks! 

But don’t feel limited to only wearing them. There are plenty of ways your kiddos can play with glow sticks such as:

  • Playing glow stick ring toss
  • Creating glow stick balloons
  • Filling jars with glow sticks
  • Glow in the dark bowling (water bottles & a ball!)
  • Glow in the dark easter egg hunt

2. Silly String

String in a can — sounds a bit silly don’t ya think. . . (haha get it!) But seriously, whoever invented silly string must’ve made a killing! Because this stuff is fun no matter how old you are. 

Well, except for the person who has to clean it up. . . Sorry moms! We definitely recommend taking this activity outdoors to save your sanity.

Anyway, a few cans of silly string and you got yourself a party.

3. Party Poppers

Now these are perfect if you really need those fireworks! You get the loud popping sound and the excited shrieks of laughter from the kids without being a human-sparkler-lighter.

Safe. . . easy. . . fun.

Yup, we’re sold!

4. Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Is there any way to go astray with bubbles? It's evident they're every kiddo's best friend without a doubt.


Oh yea, that’s a home run! The parents will be in awe too.

5. Piñatas

This is a party, right? And what’s a party without a piñata! 

Now we’ve never actually had a piñata for July 4th. But now we’re thinking — why the heck not?!

Pick up a piñata, hang streamers, and decorate with Firework Confetti Balloons to celebrate this July 4th.

6. Water Balloons

Water balloons? You mean, tiny splashes of refreshing happiness — at least that’s what it’s like for the little ones!

So this 4th of July we said yes to water balloons. (although they get our vote any day of the summer!)

Now remember, we’re staying safe this July 4th. But once we’ve checked off the toddler summer safety list, the water balloons come out.

You can go with a classic water balloon fight, or try these guys out:

  • Water balloon hot potato
  • Back-to-back challenge
  • Relay race

Let us know how you celebrated America’s birthday by tagging us @renzosvitamins on Instagram

We wish you a Happy (& safe!) 4th of July :) 

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