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3 Surprising Reasons Every Kid Needs Vitamin B6

If you have a Picky Eater at home, then your kiddo may be missing out on the ahhhhh-mazing benefits of Vitamin B6. 

Vitamin B6 plays a big role in your little one’s cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestion, and immunity — basically, healthy little bodies and super smart brains!

So let’s dive right into the 3 reasons why every kiddo will likely benefit from Vitamin B6. They might really surprise you!

 #1: It's Essential For Healthy Brain Development

We all know that a healthy brain is, well, a no-brainer. (Ha did ya catch chat!) But here’s something you probably didn’t know.

90% of brain growth happens by age 5!

That means that proper nutrition in the early years is a super big deal. And that speedy, growing brain is going to need all the energy it can get.

Lucky for us, one of the most important Vit B6 benefits is its role in . . . Proper brain development!

Since B6 supports our cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems, these systems combine forces for healthy neural development. 

So making sure our little one’s B6 levels are top notch is a great way to support a healthy, growing brain in the early years.

 #2: Helps Balance Mood

What if we told ya that Vitamin B6 could be the key to less tantrums? 

Well, some researchers think it could be! Another one of the benefits of taking B6 is that it helps regulate your little one’s mood. By helping balance the release of chemicals in the brain, it raises mood and helps with stress management abilities.

There are even studies showing that B6 helps with ADHD, memory loss, and depression. 

That means getting enough Vitamin B6 doesn’t just help your kiddo in the now. . . but can reduce the chance of mood disorders in the future!

 #3: Gives your Kiddo an Immune Boost

When it comes to immunity, Vitamin C gets all the credit. But an immune system boost is one of the B6 health benefits that’s often overlooked.

B6 helps with the creation of new white blood cells — our bodies main fighters against disease. And we definitely want these guys on our team!

So getting the recommended dose of Vitamin B6 is an easy way to make sure your little one’s immune system is always at the ready.

Move over Vitamin C, there’s a new immunity superstar on the block!

One more thing. . .

If your child has ever experienced seizures or been diagnosed with epilepsy, B6 could be a VERY important supplement for them.

There’s lots of research on the benefits of B6 for treating epileptic patients — even if they don’t have a Vitamin B6 deficiency.

But that’s not all. 

B6 has also been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures, making it a life changing supplement! 👏👏👏

If your little one struggles with epilepsy, talk to your pediatrician about supplementing with Vitamin B6.

How to get Vitamin B6 in your kiddo’s diet

The best way to ensure your little one is getting enough of this vitamin is through a healthy and balanced diet with foods naturally high in Vitamin B6. 

But as Picky Eater Parents, we know nutrition gaps are a constant battle in our kid’s health. That’s why we team up with experts like Danielle Zold, the Picky Eater Dietitian, to give you tips and tricks to get your little one to eat a balanced diet.

And for those extra Picky Eater days, there’s Renzo’s Bright & Brainy B6. Made with the world’s most energetic form of Vitamin B6 and all the yumminess of Oh Oh Orange, your kiddo’s growing brain will get all the energy it needs to work at full potential!

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