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Gummy vitamins are mostly sugar. We’re not.

Leading gummy vitamins can contain up to 75% sugar — not exactly nutritious. Our Melty Tabs are made with zero sugar, so your kids are getting more of the good stuff.

Mom vs. Sugar

Kids Vitamins should be healthy and clean- not filled with sugar! As I was searching for healthy vitamins for my kids, I was shocked to find out just how much sugar is in the average gummy vitamin.

A year's sugar in gummy vitamins is the same as:

The hidden sugar in gummy vitamins

Icon Tealrenzovitamin
Icon Gummyvitamin

Gummy Vitamins

0g of sugar
3g of sugar
Icon Carrot
All natural ingredients
Icon Beaker
Contains artifical ingredients
Serving size:
Icon Tablet
Melty Tab
Serving size:
Icon Gummy-1
Icon Gummy-2
Icon Gummy-3

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