Meet Renzo and his dad, Dr. Rocca 

Dr. Jose Rocca and Renzo Rocca

The inspiring story behind the vitamins

Renzo has been a fighter from day one. Born six weeks premature alongside his twin brother, things weren’t looking good for little Renzo. He was motionless, unresponsive, and on a downward trajectory. Knowing they were at a crucial moment, his mother Lourdes whispered softly to her new son, “I know you’re tired and struggling. Just know that Papi and Mami are always going to be with you. But you have to let us know what we should do. If you are ready to fight, let me know. If you are ready to go, let me know, too.” 
At that moment Lourdes remembers that Renzo opened his eyes and moved slightly. It was a sign that her son was ready to fight for his life and not give up. “And so I made the agreement. From now on, we have to fight.” 
Renzo and his family spent many long days and nights in the hospital throughout the years. In early 2017, Renzo was getting ready for one of his toughest procedures yet.  A few weeks before the surgery, the family met with the pre-op surgical nurse who informed them that he needed to be at his physical and mental strongest before going under the knife. 
Specifically, he needed to eat well, get plenty of rest, and take high-quality vitamins in order to get every edge he could. Like many kids, he had trouble swallowing pills and often gagged from their bad taste or got an upset stomach. 
It was at this checkup that his dad, Dr. Rocca, had an idea. Dr. Rocca had a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Texas at Austin, 14 years of experience as a research scientist in pharmaceutical R&D and his own research and production lab. 
He had successfully developed a premium product for bariatric patients that melted in the mouth and was packed with nutrition and good taste. Why couldn’t he use this very same technology for his own son? 
So Renzo took an initial version of these vitamins consistently in the weeks before surgery and, after a tough recovery, came out with a clean bill of health.
After seeing Renzo’s inspiring recovery, the Rocca family wanted to give kids everywhere access to the same high-quality nutrition that Renzo got. 
And so Renzo’s Vitamins was born!  Our Melty Tabs are designed especially for #KidsOnAMission - they taste great, are packed with wholesome nutrition, and are free from the artificial, sugary junk that most vitamins have.


Renzo’s Cheer - our special cause

Sending good vibes and wholesome vitamins to kids going through surgery

Renzo and his family know first-hand how scary and nerve-wracking surgery can be for kids and their families. 
Now thriving with a clean bill of health, Renzo helps support kids going through their own medical challenges. From hand-written letters of encouragement to hospital pre-op visits, you’ll find Renzo spreading cheer to kids in Miami and beyond.

Formulated and manufactured under the same roof in the USA

It's important to us that we don’t outsource the manufacturing of our vitamins like most brands do. Every single Renzo’s Melty Tab is made with PhD science, love and care, right in our family-owned and operated lab in beautiful Miami, Florida.
Here, Dr. Rocca and our team formulate, fine-tune and test every Renzo’s formula to be safe and effective.  There are literally years of development, care, and pharmaceutical expertise behind the special technology found in all our Melty Tabs.

We then take these recipes and manufacture our vitamins under the same roof in our FDA-registered facility. We took the extra measure of being certified for “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPs) by NSF, the organization widely recognized as the most strict of inspectors here in the US and which certifies products for use by NCAA athletes.
Before shipping out, every batch of Renzo's is third-party tested by top testing labs for safety and potency of our wholesome formula.
We love helping your loved ones take on life . . . #KidsOnAMission!!
Thanks for supporting our cause!!