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Each Starter Pack includes 2 Melty Tabs of each vitamin:
Picky Eater Multi, Iron Strong, Bright & Brainy B6, and Dynamite D3

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Gummy vitamins are mostly sugar. We’re not.

Leading gummy vitamins can contain up to 75% sugar — not exactly nutritious. Our Melty Tabs are made with zero sugar, so your kids are getting more of the good stuff.

What are the signs of low iron?

Icon Fatigue

Constant fatigue & irritability

Icon Ashyskin

Pale, gray, or ashy skin

Icon Hand

Swollen hands and feet

Icon Lowenergylevels

Low energy levels & weakness

Renzo’s two strong ingredients

Carbon Iron & Vitamin C

Carbonyl iron is the healthiest form of iron, which is super gentle on the tummy. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and enhances iron absorption (plus, gives these Melty Tabs a yummy orange taste!)

We care about what’s inside

  • Icon Zerosugar

    Zero sugar

    Not like those gummy vitamins
  • Icon Gluten-free


    The simpler, the better
  • Icon No_artifical_flavors_or_sweeteners

    No artifical flavors or sweeteners

    Just the good stuff
  • Icon Non-gmo


    We pay more for the best ingredients
  • Icon Vegan


    No sheep harmed here
  • Icon Nut-free


    No allergies here