Yucky Sugar... Why Gummy Vitamins Are the Worst!

Yucky Sugar... Why Gummy Vitamins Are the Worst!

We’ve all heard the saying, “something is better than nothing”... When it comes to recommending vitamins, many practitioners take this approach with both parents and their kiddos… Instead of wasting time and energy going back-and-forth on what a child will or won’t take, everyone just agrees that taking some type of vitamin is better than nothing — especially for the pickiest of little eaters!

This seemingly trivial compromise leads parents straight into the gummy vitamin lair. After all, gummies are tasty, resemble candy for most kids, and make the daily vitamin battle less of a headache for all parties. Parents nagging kiddos to take their vitamins quickly becomes... “You like gummy candy, so let’s save ourselves the trouble and call it a day.”

Well, it turns out there are some serious problems with gummy vitamins that come back to bite parents, kiddos, and practitioners alike. The gummy vitamin lair is oh so inviting, but it turns dark, scary, and dangerous in a hurry. Here are three reasons why!

1) Yucky sugar.

Gummy vitamins have A LOT of sugar. Need we say more? One gummy vitamin has as much sugar per weight as a cookie. To think parents are dishing gummy vitamins out to their kiddos multiple times per day — plus all the added sugar they already consume — is enough to make our heads spin. The whole point of a vitamin is to ensure a child is getting the nutrients they need, not filling their day with unnecessary sugar.

2) Poor nutritional value.

In addition to containing high amounts of yucky sugar, gummy vitamin manufacturers often cut corners with the ingredients they use (we’re looking at you store-bought gummies). It takes 3+ gummy vitamins to meet the nutritional value of JUST ONE Renzo’s Melty Tab. Don’t you want to give kiddos the highest quality, most wholesome vitamins possible? Uhm, we certainly do.

3) Sticky, sticky, sticky.

Gummy vitamins are sticky. Candies are sticky. That can only mean one thing... More cavities! Gummy vitamins stick to teeth and are full of sugar. Every Pediatric Dentist will agree gummy vitamins and cavities are two peas in a pod and can quickly result in constant unwanted visits to the dentist. Not to mention most parents give kids gummy vitamins RIGHT BEFORE BED, leaving gummy gunk sitting in their teeth all night long. See how tricky entering into the gummy vitamin lair can be?

At Renzo’s, these three problems never sat right with us. That’s why we developed our Magical Melty Tabs in our quest to kick gummies to the curb.

  • Renzo’s Vitamins contain delicious monk fruit to please even the most sophisticated palates (no sugar whatsoever)
  • Renzo’s Vitamins are packed with the highest quality ingredients available (one Melty Tab contains the nutrition of what is usually found in 3 gummy vitamins)
  • Renzo’s Vitamins dissolve in the mouth (no sticky residue on teeth at all)

As you gear-up for the next vitamin discussion with parents and kiddos, consider this... Shouldn’t we be recommending a vitamin that is just as fun, yummy, and exciting as a gummy vitamin but without any of the junk? We sure think so!

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