The Magical Vitamin Parents & Kids Love

The Magical Vitamin Parents & Kids Love

Believing in magic does more than spark creativity and playfulness in our kiddos.

It introduces them to a world of POSSIBILITY! One with adventures, quests, and storybook endings.

But as parents, we lost those magical powers long ago. Our idea of adventure is a trip to the grocery store where the only “magic” is leaving without a headache. 

However, today we’re inviting you to believe in storybook endings again because we found the perfect kid’s vitamin. (we promise it exists!)

The Unicorn of Vitamins

For too long, parents have been tricked by the mean ol’ sugar monster. We’ve believed that kids only take their vitamins if they’re packed with sugar. 

It’s no wonder the quest for a healthy, delicious vitamin led many parents to conclude that it didn't exist!

But here, in the Land of Yummy & Healthy Vitamins, more hidden than the Lost City of Atlantis, we found it – the “Unicorn of Vitamins.”

A children’s vitamin that has:

  • No sugar, GMOs, or junk
  • Taste delicious – yes, even your picky eater will love it!
  • Packed with 3x the nutrition with high-quality ingredients

This “Unicorn of Vitamins,” the gold at the end of the rainbow, loved by picky eaters and parents alike is. . . a Renzo’s Vitamin!

Why kids love Renzo’s

Any parent knows that picky eaters have a “refined palate.” And many healthy fruits and veggies just don’t make the cut. 

Unfortunately, this leads many so-called “healthy kid’s vitamins” to really be tiny sugar bombs!

Take gummies for example. 

Did you know that gummy vitamins have more sugar per gram than a cookie?

(Must be why dentists warn us to stay far, far, away from gummies. Especially since excess sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay in kids!)

But you don’t need to compromise on your kiddo’s health for vitamins to taste yummy. 

No, no, no – we double and triple checked that our vitamins were tasty enough for the pickiest of eaters without compromising health. 

And we did that with a little superfood called Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit is an all-natural, calorie-free sweetener. It’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for everything from relieving sore throats to upset tummies.

But the best thing about monk fruit is that it’s about 200x sweeter than sugar (so you don’t need much) and has no carbs, calories, or weird aftertaste – your kiddos won’t even notice it!

Renzo’s picky eater vitamins are made in a variety of yummy flavors like:

  • Cherry Cherry Mo’ Cherry
  • Oh Oh Oh Orange
  • Lil’ Green Apple

Why Parents Love Renzo’s

But the perfect vitamin needs to pass the “super parent test” too. And there’s only one question: Is it healthy?

This is where many kid’s vitamins go wrong.

Because another villain, a “junk trickster” you could say, sneaks all kinds of junk into our kiddo’s vitamins. Things like:

  • GMO’s
  • Gluten
  • Artificial Colors & Flavors
  • Low-quality ingredients 

But not with Renzo’s! Our vitamins are wholesome and nutritious without the sugar and junk :) 

Only the best ingredients pass the Renzo’s test. (Our founder is even on a first-name basis with the people we source our ingredients from!)

And because we only accept the best-of-the-best ingredients, you won’t worry about things like: 

  • Upset tummies caused by cheap forms of iron
  • Wasted money due to low absorption
  • Questionable ingredients (we hand-select only the best)

But that’s not all. 

Renzo’s is packed with 3x more nutrition! Just one Picky Eater Multi tab is equivalent to 3 or more gummies . . . and then some.

It’s no wonder parents love Renzo’s!

Your Storybook Ending

Maybe when we grow up, it’s not that we’ve lost our belief in magic. Maybe it’s just that our happily ever after looks a little different. 

The truth is. . .

Our perfect storybook ending is our kiddo’s health and happiness. 

And that’s what we want for you!

Check out Renzo’s for a kid’s vitamin that’s unbelievably healthy and delicious.
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