Supercharge Your Brain: Brain-boosting activities to kick off the new year

Supercharge Your Brain: Brain-boosting activities to kick off the new year

As we gear up for the new school year, now’s the perfect time to supercharge our kiddo’s brains.  Give them the ultimate headstart with these 6 brain-boosting activities. Let the brainy games begin!

Summer Word Olympics

Ignite a thirst for learning with Summer Word Olympics. You’ll prepare your kiddos for the upcoming school year, refresh their vocabulary, and embrace their competitive spirit. 

Just like the Olympic Games, our Word Olympics will showcase a variety of events to let our little athletes shine. Set the stage for an epic linguistic adventure with contests like the Spelling Bees, Word Scramble, and a Sight Word Challenge. 

But why stop there? Expand the games to include other subjects like math, science, music, art, and P.E. This gives everyone a chance to earn those gold medals!

Lab Adventures

Embark on a thrilling scientific journey of biology, chemistry, and physics with home experiments that spark your kiddo's curiosity. 

Explore Earth science with DIY erupting volcanoes and whirling tornado simulations. Unleash the forces of physics as you race down car ramps and take on the sink-or-float veggie challenge. We can even dive into health science and show the tooth-rotting dangers of sugar through a Tooth Decay Project

Put on your lab coats, grab your goggles, and dive headfirst into the captivating world of science! 

Storytelling Spectacular

Spend a few minutes with a 6-year-old and you’ll know the desire to tell stories is ingrained in our nature (as is our ability to feign astonishment. . .) But in a Storytelling Spectacular, it’s the perfect place for young minds to author extraordinary tales!

Storytelling is a brain-boosting activity that fires up creativity, language skills, and confidence. Plus, it’s a great way to bring the family together as your kiddos welcome you into the enchanted lands of their imagination. 

You can encourage your little wordsmiths to put pen to paper and write their first book! But if they choose to tell their stories out loud, they get the added bonus of boosting their communication skills. 

Music Madness

Brain-boosting melodies are another way to kick off the new school year. Music is a magical tool that stimulates various parts of the brain and supercharges memory, creativity, and focus. 

Get your little maestros to pick up an instrument, dance to the beat, or sing their hearts out. Whether it's the harmonious notes of a piano or the contagious energy of the drums, musical activities engage both sides of the brain – promoting coordination and cognition. So embark your kiddos on a musical adventure that lights up their brains with excitement and joy!

Kitchen Math Playground

The delicious world of a kitchen is a fantastic way to dive into math magic. Let your young chefs explore fractions while cutting pizza, learn about measurements when mixing ingredients, and practice addition and subtraction while adjusting recipes. They can even explore geometry by cutting shapes for cookies or slicing a cake. As they whip up culinary delights, watch their math skills soar, and savor the tasty results of their kitchen math adventures!

Brainy B6 Bingo

You can ensure your kiddo’s supersmart brains are working at their full potential with Vitamin B6: the bright & brainy vitamin. This essential nutrient plays a crucial role in brain and nervous system development for healthy bodies, powerful minds, and sunny moods.

A fun way to teach your kiddos about this brain-boosting vitamin is with Brainy B6 Bingo. Each player gets a bingo card filled with colorful pictures of avocados, salmon, bananas, and other B6-rich foods for kids. As we explore these tasty delights, have your little ones mark off each food and shout "Bingo!"  

But don’t forget to include Renzo’s Bright & Brainy B6 on your bingo card. It’s the yummy way to boost our kiddo’s brain – especially on those extra picky-eating days. 

Renzo’s melty vitamins are made with wholesome, clean ingredients without the sugar or GMO junk. They’re loved by kids, parents, and even pediatricians. 

Try Renzo’s Bright & Brainy B6 today and supercharge your little one’s brain this school year!
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