Spring Safety: 5 Tips as Kids Head Outdoors

Spring Safety: 5 Tips as Kids Head Outdoors

Spring break is here, the temperature is rising, the sun is finally starting to peek through the clouds, and we're all anxious to wave goodbye to winter... Now is the perfect time of year for kids and families to get outside and play!

Before your kiddos fling open the front door and race off on their bikes, it's important to review a few safety pointers to ensure time spent outside is fun, healthy, and enjoyable. While some of these recommendations may seem like common sense, a little refresher can be helpful from time-to-time to ensure safety is top of mind.

1) Don't forget bug spray.

Warmer weather means pesky, disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes and ticks will also start coming out to play. Be sure to pack bug spray, especially if you're venturing into wooded areas, fields, tall grasses, etc. Note that insect repellents are not recommended for infants <2 months old and shouldn't contain more than 30% DEET when used on children.

2) Protect from the sun.

You might think sunscreen isn't necessary unless you're sitting on the beach in July... But that's simply not the case! The sun can have damaging effects at all times of the year! Protect your kiddos with a combination of sunscreen, lightweight clothing, hats, etc. Don't forget to reapply if children get wet.

3) Buckle-up helmets and protective gear.

Ask any emergency room doctor, and you'll hear horror stories of children (and adults) not wearing helmets and/or wearing helmets that don't fit properly. Kiddos should wear well-fitting helmets and protective gear like knee pads each and every time they ride bikes, scooters, four-wheelers, horses, skateboards and more. Helmets are the best way to protect against traumatic brain injuries.

4) Be mindful of allergies.

Not all kiddos suffer from seasonal allergies (the coughing, sneezing, itching, and stuffy/runny noses caused by springtime pollen and mold — learn more in this article), but some children can have severe reactions. Be sure to monitor your child if they've spent time outdoors.

Did you know Renzo's has an Allergy Relief Bundle with everything a kiddo's immune system needs to win the fight against pesky seasonal allergies?

5) Brush-up on water safety.

Pools, lakes, oceans, spas, fountains, ponds, and even bathtubs can be extremely dangerous. Kids need constant supervision whenever they're in or near a body of water since drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death in children. In addition to closely monitoring kiddos at all times, be sure to teach them how to swim and learn CPR + basic water rescue skills in case of an emergency.

Spending time outside is one of the best, most enriching activities for kids... And what better time to take advantage of the beautiful weather than the start of spring! Get outside, have fun, and keep these 5 safety tips in mind for an enjoyable season!

Renzo's Vitamins provides general recommendations, not to be construed as medical advice.

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