12 Fun Resolutions Ideas for Kids

12 Fun Resolutions Ideas for Kids

2022 is finally here.
Time for a fresh start.
Time to make health our greatest priority.
Time to toss out any bad habits and leave them in 2021.
So whether you’re making 2022 about getting fit, cutting back on caffeine, or taking your daily vitamins, it’s never too late to set goals for this new year.
Yet before you start googling your nearest gym...
What about the kiddos?! We can’t leave ’em out!
Let's make 2022 their year too.
Here's a list of 12 awesome resolutions ideas for your little ones:

I Will Keep My Room Clean

Keeping a tidy room will do more than keep mom happy. It’s a great way to teach our little ones responsibility and ownership. Having a checklist and a designated clean-up time can create clarity and make cleaning a habit.

I Will Make Good Grades

Staying on top of grades is another ideal resolution for school-aged children. Creating a plan for study time, homework time, and defining what are “good grades” are a few ways to make this resolution stick.

I Will Make My Bed Every Morning

Making your bed is a small but profound way to start your day. Give your little one step-by-step instructions and make it fun by singing songs and making your beds together. 

I Will Take My Vitamins Every Day

Woah, this is one resolution we get super excited about! Especially with a tough flu season and COVID sticking around this winter

So let’s boost that immunity, get those daily nutrients and minerals, and fill in any nutrition gaps this 2022!

I Will Eat 1 Fruit  & Veggie Every Day

Eating more fruits & veggies isn’t just for kids. This may be one resolution to do as a whole family! For foods packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, consider trying yummy, immune-boosting fruits & veggies that kids will love.

I Will Help Mom With Dinner 

Learning to cook can be fun! And helping prepare meals is a great way for little ones to explore new foods without pressure. Depending on how old your kiddo is, they can help mix ingredients, set the table, and even choose dinner ideas.

I Will Brush My Teeth Every Morning And Night

Let’s face it, kids aren’t the best at remembering to brush their teeth. With more exciting things like storytime and TV, it’s no wonder they forget about Mr. Toothbrush. But making dental hygiene into a resolution will help keep kids’ teeth healthy and the dentist happy!

I Will Memorize My Address And Phone Number

What better way to learn important information than by making a game out of it! Try repetition, flashcards, and writing it down to help remember addresses and phone numbers. 

And don’t forget about the prizes! Stickers, extra playtime, or small gifts are some of our favorites:)

I Will Read For 15 Minutes Before Bed

Carving out designated reading time can help create a good habit. And if your little one doesn’t read yet, a daily storytime is still a great resolution. After all, Albert Einstein did say:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

I Will Learn Something New 

Whether it’s piano, soccer, painting, or anything fun, learning something new can help our kiddo’s imagination flourish. Plus, they’ll make new friends!

I Will Learn To Spell My Full Name

Learning to spell is hard! But with repetition and a personal mommy & daddy cheerleader, our kiddos can learn to spell their full name in no time.

I Will Say 5 Things I’m Grateful For Every Day

Gratitude is a beautiful character trait to cultivate. Why not start young:)

Let us know what fun and exciting resolutions you have for 2022 by tagging us @RenzosVitamins. Happy 2022!
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