Multivitamins for Kids Can Be a Total Game-Changer

Multivitamins for Kids Can Be a Total Game-Changer

Let’s be honest…. Most kids don’t go begging for broccoli and spinach at dinnertime. Do you ever see a toddler bouncing off the walls in anticipation of their hearty serving of beets? Possible, but highly unlikely…

For many parents, incorporating the nutrients their kiddos need into meals isn’t intuitive, easy, or in some cases, even possible. That’s where a high quality, wholesome Multivitamin comes into play. For picky eaters, a daily Multi is a no-brainer, and we consider it a daily must. Even for little ones who will eat anything and everything without question (think kid garbage disposal), a gummy gunk-free Multi can be a total game-changer. Here are two reasons why!

1) Getting all the necessary nutrients — in the proper dosages — from diet alone is nearly impossible.

Even the healthiest of moms and most flexible of kids have trouble fitting all the necessary nutrients into their weekly diet. Some weeks might be full of dark, leafy greens (and thus folic acid critical for brain development) while others might have little to none.

With a daily Multi, these fluctuations and guesswork are eliminated. Practitioners and moms alike can rest in peace knowing their little ones are getting the nutrients they need, in the proper dosages, all the time... Even while on vacation!

2) Ingredients and nutrient sources matter.

The smallest of details matter, especially when we’re dealing with the health and wellbeing of our children. Some manufacturers don’t care where their D3 comes from… They’ll use D3 derived from sheep and won’t think twice. Others use cheaper iron forms while sacrificing upset little tummies in the process. At Renzo’s, we say, “no way” to any shortcuts.

While much of the vitamin industry runs rampant with cheap alternatives, Renzo’s Melty Tabs are made with natural flavors and only the highest quality ingredients. The premium vitamins we make are formulated with non-gmo, plant-based ingredients so kiddos get the true benefits of quality nutrition.

Renzo’s Vitamins sure do pack a punch. They’re like the Mike Tyson of vitamins but with more fun and wayyyy less attitude... :)

Here are the highlights:

    • No sugar whatsoever in any of our products — zero! zilch! Nada!
    • Plant-based monk fruit for a yummy, kid-approved taste
    • Gentle iron (carbonyl iron) that’s easy on little tummies
    • Tooth-friendly xylitol
    • Cholecalciferol as vegan vitamin D3
    • Folate / folic acid as methylfolate for brain development + heart health.
    • Plant-based magnesium stearate
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