Melty Tab Tales: Audrey & Isla's Story

Melty Tab Tales: Audrey & Isla's Story

Hey there Super Parent!

We know you are probably juggling back to school shopping, summer camps, summer trips and just Parenting as a whole but if you're looking for heart-warming 2-min read, we have just the right story.

Let's dive in!

This week we'd like to share a story about Audrey, a wonderful momma who' after seeing her 3-year-old's low iron levels and decided she needed something to help her grow healthy & strong

Here's her story in her own words:

"I found Renzo's after we realized my 3.5 year old daughters iron/ferritin level was severely low 6 and she needed a supplement.

We just had her level retested after being on iron strong (as well as the probiotic and multi) for 3 months, and it came back at 73!!

My pediatrician was so so happy about this progress and so are we. She loves her morning vitamins, we’ve never had an issue with her taking them because she loves them!

We are so thankful for Renzo's and we will continue to be fans and customers of your products :) 

- Audrey N.

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