Immune System Vitamins for Kids to Fight the Flu This Winter

Immune System Vitamins for Kids to Fight the Flu This Winter

Okay picky parents, it’s Flu Season and it’s time to pick teams! You're Captain and your kiddo needs a strong team of Germ Fighters.

Now Vitamin C knows he’ll get picked first. But what about your second and third pick? 

In this article, we give you the top 3 Immune Boosters as well as the best way to get these guys into your little one’s diet!

Vitamin C

A boy eating an orange while outside.

Everyone’s heard that drinking Orange Juice can help prevent and fight a cold because of the Vitamin C. But how true is this? 

Well, turns out Vitamin C is actually one of the most effective immune system boosting vitamins. 

That’s the good news. But here’s the bad news. . .

Orange juice isn’t the best way to get vitamin C immune support!

Your little one might happily sip away at a glass of orange juice, but they’re getting a lot more than Vitamin C in that cup. In fact. . .  

a glass of orange juice has about the same amount of sugar as a glass of soda! 

Hardly worth the trade off. 

Instead, opt for citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, or green veggies like broccoli, spinach, and kale.

Vitamin B6

Renzo's Bright & Brainy B6 vitamins sitting on top of a girl's head.

Now Vitamin B6 doesn’t win the popularity contest for Immunity Boosting, but she’s a key player in our fight against the flu! 

But that’s not all because she’s got a few more tricks up her sleeve. 

Studies suggest that Vitamin B6 also has a ton of benefits from mood regulation to preventing chronic disease. Heeeelllllo MVP!

You can find Vitamin B6 in many foods such as chicken, some types of fish, and green vegetables. 

Vitamin D3

A girl drinking a glass of milk that includes D3 vitamins.

The last of our Immune Boosting trio is Vitamin D3 a.k.a the sunshine vitamin!

This is a nutrient known to boost immunity while also helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Which is a science-ey way of saying that it fights the bad guys in our body and builds strong bones & teeth!

You can find this guy in all sorts of foods like milk, salmon, mushrooms and spinach. 

How to Incorporate These Vitamins into your Picky Eater's diet

A girl eating healthy foods to include vitamins into her diet.

Now you might be thinking, okay I got my team, but there’s no way my kiddo is eating spinach! This is where strategy comes in Team Captain.

Now the best strategy is always a balanced diet because we can get most of our nutrients from food.

But if you have a Picky Eater, then you know that their idea of “balanced” is usually chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese. Probably not what the pediatrician recommends!

So, to get them to eat their veggies, try getting creative and put your best #momhacks to use. Here are 4 Food Tricks For Picky Eaters you can start off with. 

But if your kiddo is still saying “all done” after picking out every teeny hint of a vegetable, then it might be time to bring supplementation off the bench.

Adding in a multivitamin that delivers a powerhouse of Immune Boosting Vitamins aaannnndddd is Picky Eater approved might just make you Team Captain of the Year!

So if it’s the fourth day in a row that your kiddo’s asked for chicken nuggets (I mean seriously, what’s with all the nuggets!?), then let's bring in the subs!

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