4 Tips To Have An Easy Transition from Virtual to In-Person Learning

4 Tips To Have An Easy Transition from Virtual to In-Person Learning

Back-to-school is a time of too-many-First-Day-of-School pics and a mad rush to get out the door. 

But with COVID sticking around longer than we hoped, things like masks and virtual learning have become our new normal. And for our little ones, this may be their only normal. 

As one of our 2nd-grade teachers pointed out:

“For some of my students, this is the first time they’ve stepped in a classroom since Kindergarten!”

Woah! When we think about it like that, a little preparation can go a long way to helping our little ones adjust to their “new normal.”

To give us a helping hand, we reached out to a few of our favorite teachers to give their Tips for Transitioning from Virtual to In-Person Learning. 

Talk About It

This may sound like a no-brainer, but we tend to forget how good our kids are at listening. Just remember how shocked you were the first time you heard your kiddo repeat your words!

So to prep your little one to transition back to in-person learning, sit them down without distractions and let them know what to expect in their new environment. 

TEACHER TIP: Use visuals to help little ones know what to expect.

You may not have desks and whiteboards at home, but what a great time to watch some back-to-school movies to drive the visuals home!

Back To Routines

Even a short summer break can interrupt our kiddo’s schedule. And when we think about how long COVID has stuck around, our kids may not even remember what a schedule is! So start setting a regular dinner time, bedtime, and wake-up time to get your little back in a routine.

TEACHER TIP: Consistency is key, especially when it comes to bedtimes. When my students are well-rested, they tend to be more excited about learning and more engaged. 

Get Social

Social distancing has been the buzzword this extended COVID season. And if your family has been doing virtual learning, then a little socializing before going back to school may help. 

Setting up playdates, meeting the teacher, or participating in local events or sports are great ways to brush up on social skills — ours too!

TEACHER TIP: Explicitly teaching social skills goes a long way. I help my students practice social skills by announcing audibly when I’m using them. 

For example: To teach kids when to say excuse me, I’ll say out loud, “I’m walking between two friends and I’m going to say ‘Excuse me’ so they’ll move and I can pass through.”

Practice Healthy Hygiene

We can only enjoy going back to school when we’re staying safe! So don’t forget to practice the 5 Safety School Tips to Combat the Flu and COVID.

TEACHER TIP: I always remind my students to keep their hands to themselves and wash ‘em real good!

Transitioning from In-Person Learning after going virtual can cause a case of the Nervous Nellies, but you got this! And for an extra boost of Immune Support, check our kid’s Immunity Builder Bundle! With 3 Immune All-Stars, you’ll be set up for Back-to-School Success!

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