How to Boost Immunity for the School Year

How to Boost Immunity for the School Year

Picture this.

It's a warm August day and the clock's hand has just hit 2 pm.

You gasp with excitement.

You can already hear the school bus making its usual stops around the neighborhood.

It's not your first day of school but it might as well be.

As the yellow school bus makes a full stop at your door, you’re ready to see your kiddo running down into your arms.

You can't wait to hear all about their day.

But what you don’t expect is a chorus of "achoos" and the realization an unwanted guest has hopped off with them!

Eat your veggies

The first thing is simple. . . well, in theory. It’s a bit more difficult in practice! And that’s making healthy eating choices. Our foods can either be jam packed with vitamins and minerals that keep our immune system strong. Or, they can be loaded down with sugar and empty calories. 

And if you’re thinking, “yea sounds great, but I got a Picky Eater on my hands!” — no worries, we got you covered.

You can follow the 5 Tips to Get More Nutrients into your Kiddo’s Diet to make sure your little one is fortifying their immune system with strong and healthy nutrients.

Get Plenty of Nap Time

Next on the list is getting enough sleep. We often want our little one’s to get in those nap times for happier moods, but getting enough sleep also strengthens the immune system!

This can be hard at the start of the school year since we’re adjusting to a new schedule. But sticking to a bedtime routine can do wonders for your little one’s immunity (and moods!)

Here are 4 tips to get your little one’s sleep schedule back on track for the new school year. 

Stay Away Stress

We all know we *should* stress less, right? And it can feel like an uphill battle when you start stressing about stressing! 

But we should manage our stress because it has a profound effect on our health. And what we may not realize is that our kiddos also struggle with stress! Which could mean a weaker immune system. 

So take the time to teach your little one about coping with stress — things like calming techniques, naming the stress, and listening to your child. 

Get Your Vitamins

If you have a picky eater at home, then getting vitamins into their diet can seem like a losing battle. But we’re not giving up yet!

Filling in those nutrition gaps with a vitamin for picky eaters is an easy way to get those nutrients. So let’s catch up on the vitamins to stock up and boost immunity for back-to-school.


Or as we call it, every mom’s secret weapon! When choosing a kid's multivitamin, you want to look for quality! Here are 4 tips for choosing a multivitamin and covering the whole wellness of your kiddo.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is the immune system superstar! It helps protect our cells from any damage caused by free radicals (the science-y way of saying these are like robbers that sneak into our house to steal our energy!)


Zinc helps the immune system fight off intruders (the bad kind like viruses and bacteria....gross!)

Vitamin D3

When it comes to choosing a kid’s vitamin D supplement, there are 2 sources: 

  • Vitamin D2
  • Vitamin D3

But there is a major difference! Vitamin D2 is a cheaper form and less effective. So make sure you grab the superior form — Vitamin D3 for children.

If you’re looking for an easy way to pick up these Immune System Superstars, check out Renzo’s Back to School Bundle

Renzo’s Vitamins are a Picky Eater’s best friend because, well, they’re YUMMY! And since they’re loaded with vitamins without the sugar and junk, they’re loved by Parents too.

Pick up the Back to School Bundle to supercharge your kiddo’s immune system!

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