Behind the Scenes: Developing Our New Multi Flavor

Behind the Scenes: Developing Our New Multi Flavor

With a name like the “Renzo’s Picky Eater Multivitamin”, you can imagine we spend an unbelievable amount of research and development time creating a yummy product we know kids will absolutely LOVE. We never cut any corners when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing, and above all, taste. If kids don’t love the flavor/texture of a vitamin, they’ll refuse to take it, defeating the whole purpose for moms and practitioners.

We know taste matters above all… That’s why we’ve always had our hallmark Cherry Cherry Mo’ Cherry multivitamin flavor which parents and kiddos have adored for years. However, as our Renzo’s brand continued to explode in popularity last year, we kept asking ourselves… “Is one multivitamin flavor enough?”

Our Renzo’s R&D Team (think super smart pharmaceutical scientists with a passion for vitamins) sat down over the summer to address this burning question…

The result? We just launched our Renzo’s Picky Eater Multivitamin in a new delicious Lil’ Green Apple flavor! Same great formula we’ve always had… Now in TWO healthy, melty varieties!

You might think we pulled green apple out of a magician’s hat, but the truth is, a lot of thought went into choosing which flavor would compliment our already wildly popular Cherry Cherry Mo’ Cherry… Here are the three reasons why we chose Lil’ Green Apple over the rest:

1) Allergies are key.

As we vetted potential new flavors, we always went back to our team of brainy scientists and asked the question, “Will this flavor cause allergy issues for kiddos?” No matter what, we didn’t want any allergy conflicts with our products. Drumroll please… Green apple allergies are as rare as finding a wizard in a dragon’s lair! Bingo!

2) We don’t believe in artificial ingredients.

Flavors like “fruit punch” have never sat right with us because they’re weird, unnatural, and derived from chemicals in a lab. Yuck! Renzo’s products are made with the highest-quality ingredients, so fake flavor combinations are automatically out the door… Yet another big check mark in favor of green apple!

3) Green apple is the unicorn of flavors.

Stroll down a food aisle for kids, and you see grape, strawberry, and watermelon flavors everywhere! At Renzo’s, we’re on a mission to provide a unique, sugar-free vitamin unlike any of our competitors. We wouldn’t be the “unicorn of vitamins” by offering boring flavors similar to everyone else! Green apple is a bit harder to find, which makes it perfect for our Renzo’s brand!

Now you know the magic behind our new product! Both Picky Eater Multivitamin varieties are now available through our website, so be sure to check them out.

When it comes to developing even more great Renzo’s flavors and products for kids, a little birdie said we’re just getting started :)

Stay tuned for even more product announcements in the first half of 2023!

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