9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate the home we call Earth with our kiddos.

We can show them how to do their part in taking care of the environment and cultivate a love of the Earth.

Afterall, our planet is a pretty amazing place to live!

Here are 9 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kiddos.

Plant a Tree

It’s easy to take trees for granted when we see them everywhere. But they have a super big job! Trees provide the oxygen we breathe to stay alive. They also provide homes and safety for animals such as squirrels, owls, and birds. 

But sadly, close to 15 billion trees are cut down each year! So this Earth Day, a great way to  celebrate is to plant a tree with our kids. Not only do trees make our homes beautiful, but our kiddos will feel a sense of magic and love for our planet as they watch their tree grow. Click here for easy instructions on how to plant a tree. 

DIY Recycling Bin

Learning about the importance of recycling is another way to celebrate Earth Day. And learning is always fun with arts & crafts! 

Take an old lego box, a plastic bin, or a cardboard box and decorate with stickers, artwork, or paint. Label it RECYCLING and put your kiddo’s name on it so they know this is their very own recycling bin. Make time to teach your little one about the importance of recycling, what label to look for, and even add pictures of the recyclable items so they know what goes in their box. 

Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Now that your little one knows all about recycling, it’s time to head to your local park and put that newfound knowledge to the test! Bring bags, gloves, and an Earth Scavenger List to make a game of it. 

Homemade Wind Chime

This Homemade Wind Chime is a fun activity that teaches upcycling, or how to “reuse” everyday items to create something entirely different. 

It also reminds us of the beauty of wind. Because air is invisible, it’s easy to forget how important and powerful wind is. But we’ve used wind power for centuries! Think of how sailors used the wind to sail the seas, or how farmers pumped water with wind power. But wind isn’t a thing of the past. We still use wind power today to make electricity and even to make music with our homemade wind chimes:)

Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

To learn about reducing waste, one of the R’s in “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” have your kiddos help you pack a waste-free lunch. This means using containers and lunch boxes instead of a new plastic bag and reusable spoons and forks rather than single-use plastic. 

Start Composting

If you’re anything like us, you probably think composting is super hard. But composting is really just recycling plants! Watch a kid-friendly video on how to compost then head out to create your own compost bin. 

Make a Bee and Butterfly Garden

Bees and butterflies are nature’s perfect recyclers through pollination. They take pollen (you know, that yellow-ish stuff on cars) and carry it from one plant to another. But unfortunately, bees and butterflies are disappearing! So let’s help our friends out by starting a garden. Fill it with plants that attract bees and butterflies so they can spread pollen from flower to flower.

Earth Day Handprint

A special keepsake with our little one’s handprint may be more of a gift for us, but creating one is super fun for our kiddos! With a few ingredients from your pantry, you can create this cute Earth Day Keepsake.

Hang Birdseed Ornaments

Earth isn’t just our home. It’s the home we share with tons of other critters! So, let’s show our feathered friends how much we love having them as neighbors with these Birdseed Ornaments

Okay, time to get outside, take a big breath thanks to our tree friends, and celebrate the planet we love. Happy Earth Day!

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