6 Easy Ways to Relieve Allergies in Kids

6 Easy Ways to Relieve Allergies in Kids

Did you know that seasonal allergies affect up to 40% of children?

That’s a lot of runny noses! So whether the groundhog is getting an early start to spring or burrowing for another few weeks, let’s prepare for what we call – Allergy Season.

When is Allergy Season?

While allergies may spring up anytime of the year, the Spring & Summer months are particularly notorious for triggering an allergic response. And as the flowers, trees, and grasses awake from their winter slumber, they produce “pollen” – you know, that white, yellowish powder on our cars.

Now we won’t take you through Botany 101, just know that although insects may love pollen, our bodies aren’t big fans. And produce reactions known as “seasonal allergies.”

Signs & Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are super tricky! Many of the signs & symptoms are so similar to the cold or flu that we may not even know we have allergies. They can include:

  • sneezing
  • itchy nose
  • scratchy throat
  • nasal congestion
  • runny nose
  • postnasal drip

So if your kiddo is experiencing the above symptoms, let’s go over some ways you can relieve those allergies.

Tips for Relieving Allergies

1. Keep Out the Breeze

After a cold winter, it’s tempting to open all the windows on a sunny day. But if your kiddo has allergies, it may not be a good idea. Remember how we said the flowers are producing pollen? Well, that pollen is super lightweight and sometimes hard to see. With just one gush of strong wind, it could end up in your home! So while your little one is showing signs of allergies, let’s keep the doors shut.

2. Change Air Filters

We’ll admit, changing home air filters as recommended sometimes slips our mind. But it could be the reason your kiddo is sneezing up a storm! You see, air filters trap particles such as dust, dirt, pet dander, and (yes!) pollen. And with pollen in our home, getting relief is almost impossible.

It’s recommended that home air filters be changed every 90 days. For best results, use HEPA Filters. These are High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filters that are great for trapping the tiniest type of particles.

3. Boost Vitamin C

The immunity superhero, Vitamin C, does more than protect our bodies from icky viruses. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to play a beneficial role in both allergies and asthma. That means when we take Vitamin C during allergy season, it can decrease the severity of their allergy symptoms! 

To boost your kiddo’s Vitamin C:

4. Stay Hydrated

In case you need more reasons to drink more water, here’s another! When we don’t drink enough water, we get dehydrated. And dehydration can activate our histamine response causing all those allergy symptoms. Add the pollen in the air and you got a recipe for a very fussy toddler.

On the other hand, staying hydrated flushes out our system, relieves symptoms, and keeps our kiddo happy! Which makes for an even happier momma.

5. Take Probiotics

Well, what do ya know – probiotics are here to save the day again! Turns out, they do more than boost immunity in the winter. Yep, healthy bacteria in our tummies can regulate cells that control our immune response, relieving allergy symptoms. 


But how do you get probiotics?

Well, there are many foods that are a natural probiotic for kids and are a great addition to a healthy diet. A few common ones are: 

But for kiddos who wouldn’t dream of eating sauerkraut, supplementing with a daily probiotic for kids might be a better option – and a yummier one too!

6. Medications

And of course, you can always look to antihistamines for relief. But always, always, always check with your pediatrician!

Your Allergy Relief Kit

For an easy way to help relieve your kiddo’s allergies, check out these 3 Renzo’s Vitamins Products:  

  • Picky Eater Multi – 18 essential vitamins and minerals — perfect vitamin for picky eaters
  • Invincible Vitamin C – made with Elderberry and Zinc for extra antioxidant power
  • Yummy Tummy Probiotic – includes 4 of the BEST probiotic strains for kids

With these 3 products, you’re supercharging your kiddo’s ability to fight off allergies and filling in any nutrition gaps! Check out Renzo’s Vitamins for wholesome vitamins without the sugar and junk.

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