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5 Fun Spring Activities For The Family

Can you believe that just one year ago. . .

. . . the country was on lockdown. . .

. . . we became homeschool teachers overnight. . .

. . . and we were in the toilet paper battle of our lives!

So yeaaahhhh, enjoying springtime didn’t quite make it on the to-do list.

But not this year!

A quick scroll on Instagram shows that you and the kiddos are soaking up every ounce of Spring you can get!

So to get more sun, fun, and maybe even a few instaworthy pics, here are 5 ways you can make the most of Spring this year!

Plant a Garden

If your kids love getting dirty (as if that’s even a question) then planting their own garden is the perfect way to spend the Spring.

You could start an herb garden, plant a flower bed, or bring out their inner farmer by growing an easy Vegetable Garden for Kids

Tending to their garden, watering plants and watching them grow every day will build tons of life skills like responsibility, ownership, patience, and hard work.

Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to get those little hands good and dirty!

Build a Birdhouse

One of nature’s gifts is the sweet sound of birds chirping in the spring. And what better way to thank our song birds than by building them a home!

You don’t need to be a woodworking expert to build a birdhouse though. All you need is a touch of creativity, a dash of patience, and a matching set of “thinking caps” to tackle this project — one for you and one for the little one! 😉

Then with a bit of birdseed, you and your little one will make new neighbors in no time.

Plan a Nature Photoshoot

It’s no surprise, we love taking pics of our kiddos. So let’s create some awesome spring memories with a little outdoor photoshoot.

But before you load the family up, keep this in mind.

The goal isn’t professional quality photos — it’s FUN! 

These are memories for the family so let’s make ’em happy ones!

Get the kids into some cute spring outfits, pack a few picky eater friendly meals, and head out to a park, a trail, or even just the backyard.

Try fun poses, use random props, and get creative! 

Blow Bubbles

We haven’t figured out the science of “bubbles” yet, but something about these soapy spheres light our kids up! With all their jumping, screaming, and giggling, they’ll be good and tired by naptime. 

And if your kiddo has outgrown the plain ’ol bubble wand. . . then it’s time for a full on bubble party!

With just a few cheap “bubble guns,” giant bubble wands, and maybe a few water balloons, even older kids won’t hide their giggles. 

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Speaking of hiding. . . let’s bring out our sneaky side with a little scavenger hunt. 

Something about hiding stuff for our kids to find puts them in mission mode. Just think about Easter — they find those eggs so fast it makes us wonder why they can’t ever find their shoes.

Anyway, a scavenger hunt is a great way to create some backyard fun this spring.

Pick up a bag of colorful bouncy balls or toys and hide them in the yard. Then write up a list of clues to give your little ones before setting them off on their mission.

Not only is this activity super easy to put together, but the challenge will really get their little brains working!

So what are your springtime plans this year? We wanna know! Tag us on Instagram @Renzosvitamins with all your springtime festivities for a feature. 📸

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