5 Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained During a Pandemic

5 Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained During a Pandemic

As this pandemic continues to impact our world, the majority of us have transitioned into being stay-at-home parents with the challenge that our kids are now stay-at-home students too. And let’s face it, there are only so many times we can make our kiddos paint or draw before we have them throwing tantrums, screaming, and pouting while we are scrambling to find activities in order to stay sane.

We understand that during these times of uncertainty there are thousands of things to worry about including staying informed, cooking, cleaning, and of course keeping our kids healthy

That’s why we’ve put together a list of activities that will embolden our kids’ creativity, expand their learning, and boost their immune system!


1. Drawing with the experts

One thing is giving our kids some paper and colored pencils and hoping they’ll discover their inner Picasso, but in reality, we know kids need guidance to stimulate their creativity. Illustrators like Wendy Macnaughton have stepped up to create free online classes for parents and kids who need a creative break in the midst of the pandemic. The classes are every weekday at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT via Instagram live. You can find her page under @wendymac. But don’t worry if you can’t catch the live feed, her classes are available on her Instagram stories 24 hours after being aired. Be sure to share your kiddo’s masterpieces using the hashtag #drawtogether!


2. Staying Active & Getting Some Sun (if possible)

Although we are all practicing social distancing, it’s still very important to keep our kids active and healthy. It’s also important to note that during this pandemic our young ones will be indoors the majority of the time, which means they will not always be able to receive safe and adequate exposure to sunlight.

As we know, the sun allows their bodies to absorb Vitamin D, so we recommend designating 20-30 minutes during the day to get kids moving under the sun (or at least near an open window). This could be as simple as a family soccer game in the backyard, walking the dog or even taking part in guided classes. Obé, an online fitness program, is offering kid-friendly dance classes. The classes are around 8 minutes long and are set to Kidz Bop soundtracks (you may or may not be listening to your new pop-stars sing these on repeat).


3. Read at Home Bingo

What better way to stimulate our kids’ reading habits than to give reading time a fun, new twist? You can make your own DIY “Read at Home” Bingo by simply downloading this score board. As your kids accomplish each task, they can cross off a bingo square. This also allows you to get creative with prizes, such as allocating extra TV/electronics time when they complete a line or row.

We recommend assigning tasks based on books that your kids don’t get to cover in school. Books about mindfulness, new languages or even their favorite hobbies will help them stay engaged and focused. 

 If you are worried about not being able to get these books at the library, try looking for them online. Due to mandated closures, most public libraries are providing free e-books and downloadable PDFs so make sure to check what resources your local library is currently offering.


4. #StayAtHomeLab

If your little ones enjoy thinking outside-the-box we’ve got the perfect activity for you. 

Science Sparks has lots of free science and technology experiments for kids to do at home. The best part is that you can complete most, if not all the activities with materials that you normally have at home! 

The site also gives detailed explanations of why and how the science behind each experiment works. This way, you can keep your kids engaged by planning a mini post-experiment discussion. Plus, this gives you so many teacher/mom brownie points. Win!


5. Colorful Cooking Classes

Since most of us don’t have to pack lunches at the moment (yay! Kind of?), we recommend using that time to create healthy, nutrient-rich recipes with kids. If you’re looking for inspiration, Cooking with Kids has hundreds of recipes you can recreate. This is also the perfect time to inspire all of our picky eaters out there to try new foods.

Remember that if you’ve tried to fill their plates with fruits and veggies and it is a battle you can’t win, you can always cover any nutritional gaps as well your peace of mind with these Picky Eater approved Melty Tabs.

Our team at Renzo’s Vitamins is proud to provide you with products that are loaded with nutrition and free from junk. During these times of uncertainty, we want to be a support system to all you hard-working parents by giving you the best resources to calmly endure this pandemic. For more tips, recommendations or information on any of our products don’t hesitate to reach us at hello@renzosvitamins.com. Stay safe!
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