4 Kid's Vitamins to take this Winter

4 Kid's Vitamins to take this Winter

After the last present is opened and firecracker popped, what lies ahead is a long, cold winter. At least for most living in the States. 

And with it comes icky viruses!

In fact, winter is Flu’s favorite season. According to the CDC, Flu Season falls between October and March, and peaks from December - February. 

With higher chances of catching the flu this winter, getting more vitamins and nutrients into our diet is a brrrrrrr-illiant idea!

To get you started, here are 4 vitamins you should take this winter and give your immune system a secret weapon this chilly season.

Vitamin C

Let’s go ahead and start with the favorite: Vitamin C. You may have been told as a kid to drink lots of orange juice because of the Vitamin C. However, juice may not be the best way to get this immunity superstar.

For starters, juice tends to be looooooaaaaded with sugar! Not good for growing teeth. 

Plus, Vitamin C loves being paired with its trusty sidekick, Zinc. Vitamin C and Zinc have been shown to promote children’s growth and development and, through teamwork, support immunity and combat infections.

It’s no wonder we made sure to pair these 2 guys (and Elderberry) in our Vitamin C for kids!


Speaking of. . . Zinc is another vitamin to add to your wintertime routine. Not only is it an immunity powerhouse, but zinc deficiency has been linked to adverse effects on physical growth and neurodevelopment. 

So let’s get our Zinc levels up! Eating Zinc-rich foods such as beef, chicken, baked beans, or fortified foods is a great way to boost those levels. And, of course, when taking supplements, remember to pair this guy with Vitamin C for extra support.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D tends to get the back seat in the world of immunity. Honestly, you probably think of growing bones when you think of Vitamin D. 

But, this immunity superstar gets a gold star for combating icky viruses! There’s solid evidence that Vitamin D supplements for kids, especially in those winter months when sun exposure is low, also reduces the rate of infection. 

There are plenty of ways to get Vitamin D into your diet. The biggest way is from the sun! That’s right, with those gorgeous sun rays, our bodies can make Vitamin D all on its own. 

However. . . 

Not all kids get safe and adequate exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, especially in the winter. But there are still a few things you can do to boost your kiddo’s vitamin D this winter.

One way is to eat foods packed with Vitamin D. Another option is with a Vitamin D supplement for kids. Our Renzo’s Vitamin D tastes yummy with just a Lil' Green Apple. It plays a significant role in promoting immunity, strong bones, and teeth. Plus it's plant-based! This means our D3 is 100% Vegan, so no sheep were harmed in the making:)


Now technically, probiotics aren’t vitamins. They’re actually living organisms! And they play a huge role in keeping our tummies happy and healthy.

Now you may be thinking. . . “Tummies??? What do our tummies have to do with immunity?

Well, it turns out that when our tummies are healthy, things like digestion, immunity, and nutrition absorption naturally fall into place.

Some doctors even describe our tummies as a second brain!

And studies have shown that one benefit of probiotics is that they boost our immune response — both in adults and children. When we don’t have enough good bacteria making our tummies their home, then the bad guys can come in and weaken our immune system!

There are plenty of foods that are natural probiotics for kids. A few common ones are: 

But for Picky Eaters who wouldn’t dream of eating sauerkraut, supplementing with a probiotic for kids might be a better option. Not only can they taste better, but:

Supplementation with a daily probiotic has shown to be a safe and effective way to reduce symptoms of cold and flu, as well as the number of missed school days!


That wraps up our list of 4 Vitamins to take this Winter! We hope you have a happy and healthy winter season!

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