14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Along with fresh flowers, heart-shaped cookies, and cute Valentine’s Day cards. And there’s no better time to show your loved ones just how much you care and appreciate them.

So for this holiday of love, we’ve listed out 14 ways to celebrate with your little valentine. 

1.Red Velvet Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Waking up to Red Velvet Pancakes is a sweet way to kick off Valentine’s Day. This recipe is rich and moist — no doubt your family will fall in love. And cooking them in a heart shape adds that extra heartfelt touch!

2.Make Valentine Lunch

Surprise your kiddo at lunchtime with a Valentine’s Day Themed Lunch. Include plenty of red fruits cut into hearts such as strawberries, raspberries, and apples. Or cut their PB&J in a heart shape. And for an extra sweet touch, throw in a chocolate-covered strawberry.

3. Love Note Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a sweet love note? Or twenty! Write out the many reasons your little one brings joy to your heart on individual cards and hide them around the house. Your kiddo’s laughter and excitement each time they find one is the icing on the cake!

4. Make Valentine Slime

Slime is always a big hit with kids. So a DIY Valentine’s Day would be perfect for this special day. Your kiddo can make their own slime to play with. Or, can make slime as part of their Valentine’s Day gifts for school (although I’d give the teacher a head’s up!) And don’t forget a cute Valentine’s Day pun like:

“Will you be my Valen-slime?”

“Happy Valen-slimes Day!”

5.Watermelon Heart Salad

A Watermelon Heart Salad Surprise is an easy and healthy last-minute Valentine’s Day recipe. All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a watermelon! Cut out heart-shaped watermelon for easy snacking. You can also throw in berries, bananas, pineapples, and other kid-friendly fruits and veggies

6.Love Birds Bird Feeders

Not only is a Valentine’s Day “Love Birds” Bird Feeder a cute craft. But it also helps feed the birds during a cold winter! You can also turn this into an educational or nature activity about birds. 

7.Strawberry Banana Muffins

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are the perfect breakfast or lunch treat. And you can always make them in a heart-shaped muffin pan for a festive touch. Plus, bananas are high in Vitamin B6 — so you’re giving your kiddos a brainy boost!

8. Handprint Tree

Holidays are a great time to create memories. And a Handprint Tree will create the perfect keepsake of your kiddo’s little hands! With just a few materials — cardstock & paint — you have everything you need for this cute craft. It makes a sweet new display for your fridge or even a Valentine’s Day gift for grandparents!

9. Paper Flower Bouquet

A Paper Flower Bouquet is an easy craft your kiddo will love making. Surprise a teacher, friend, or family member with a special bouquet of flowers — the homemade type. Aka, the best type!

10.Cute Owl Corner Bookmark

If your kiddo loves story time, then a Cute Owl Corner Bookmark is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft. Not only will they get their creativity flowing, but storytime will be all the more exciting with their new craft marking the page.

11. Lacing Hearts

This craft is not only cute, but teaches kiddos the basics of sewing! Lacing Hearts are a great way to decorate a bedroom or given away as gifts.

12. Valentine’s Wreath

A Valentine’s Wreath is another easy way to decorate your home or child’s bedroom. It can also help your kiddo get into the Valentine’s spirit!

13.Lunchbox Love Note

For kids in school, surprising them with a love note in their lunchbox is a sweet way to celebrate the holiday. But even sweeter is surprising a parent! Help your little one write a love note to mom or dad and slip it in their lunchbox or bag before they head out the door.

14. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

A classic — creating Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards is a treat for you, your kiddo, and your family!


We hope you have the sweetest Valentine’s Day with your kiddos and family!

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