11 Ways to Celebrate Super Dads this Father’s Day

11 Ways to Celebrate Super Dads this Father’s Day

Batman and Dr. Strange may get all the attention, but we know the real heroes are our very own SuperDads! From epic dad jokes to making the monsters under the bed disappear, dads deserve the very best this Father’s Day. 

Here are 11 awesome activities to celebrate the superdads in your life!

Go For Ice Cream

It’s no secret – even the toughest dads melt over ice cream. This Father’s Day, take superdad out to enjoy his favorite mint chocolate chip, cookies n cream, or strawberry swirl. It’s a simple way to spend Father’s Day, but kiddos with ice-cream-covered-faces leave the sweetest memories. 

Rent His Dream Car

Dad may have been on board when the family needed an SUV, but that dream car still holds a special place in his heart. So, make his dreams come true by renting his favorite car for the weekend! Rental car apps such as Turo make it easy to fuel dad’s daydreams and give him a Father’s Day to remember. 

Backyard Cookout

Dads and grilling go better together than ice cream and cake! Pick up a few steaks or burgers for dad and a few kid-friendly recipes for the kiddos. And if you’re worried you can’t grill as great as dad? No worries, chances are, he’ll take over anyway – dads love to do that sorta thing! ;)

Family Football

For the competitive dads out there, a friendly game of family football is the perfect way to spend a Father’s Day afternoon. Pick up his favorite tailgate food or grill up some wings for big appetites sure to follow. 

Go Fish Anyone?

If dad loves fishing, then it’s time to round up the reels. Pack some snacks and bring plenty of water for a day out on the lake. It’s also a perfect time to teach the kiddos how to fish! Because, as we all know, dads love teaching their favorite hobbies to anyone who will listen. . . literally, anyone! 

Test Your Go-Karting Skills

For the speed-loving dads, go-karting is a must. Add the warm June weather and you got yourself the perfect family outing. There are plenty of outdoor tracks to choose from with family-friendly options. But in case rain and thunderstorms threaten your perfect Father’s Day plans, indoor tracks are great too. And if dad really has the need for speed, he’ll be excited to find out that these go-karts can reach 50 miles/hour and even more! 

Practice Your Golf Swing

If dad loves golfing, then grab your clubs and head to the driving range this Father’s Day. Just keep in mind that golf requires a lot of patience – something our kiddos maaaaayyyyyy still be working on. So to make this a day everyone will enjoy, bring activities to keep kids occupied. Regardless, dad may love practicing his golf swing, but an afternoon with the family is his real gift. 

Catch a game

Create beautiful memories for the sport-loving dad with tickets to a game. Make matching jerseys for dad and the kiddos – and don’t forget to take plenty of pics! Whether it’s a big game or a local event, it’s a Father’s Day he’s sure to enjoy.

Go to a Car Show

Superdad love cars? Then head out to a car show! It’s a fun way to spend time as a family while doing something dad loves. You’ll want to research ahead of time to see what activities they have for kids. Remember to bring snacks and water (if allowed), and get the kiddos in bed early – a little preparation goes a long way to prevent a case of the fussies. 

Bake a Father’s Day Treat

If there’s one thing dads love, it’s sweets. So, this Father’s Day, get the kids to help you make dad’s favorite treat. For a healthy twist, substitute monk fruit instead of sugar in any recipe. This little trick will minimize calories, carbs, sugar, and even a blood sugar spike.

Movie Marathon

Superdads work hard! And sometimes, they just need a relaxing day on the couch. So let’s give this superdad the Father’s Day he’s waited for. Pick out his favorite movies and popcorn and enjoy the much needed relaxation. It’s the rest all dads need before they go back to saving the world!:)

Happy Father’s Day from Renzo’s

We hope you take time to celebrate the SuperDads (and SuperKiddos!) in your life. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day from Team Renzo’s!

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