10 F-U-N things to do with dad for Father’s Day

10 F-U-N things to do with dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day and the First Day of Summer fall on the same day this year. That means we’re kicking off this season right by celebrating with all things Dad loves!

Whether he’s the sports fan or still a kid at heart, we got you covered in this list of 14 things to do with Dad for Father’s Day.

Let’s get this PA-hty started! Did’ya catch that? #dadjokesarethebest

1.Ball Game 

If Dad is a sports fan, then you’ll hit this one outta the park by scoring a couple tickets to his favorite game.

Can’t get tickets? Catch a game on TV! For this sports guy, we’re sure he won’t mind either way. 

2.Go for a hike

Now for the outdoorsy Dad, you gotta hit the trail. Pack a lunch, load the kids up, and head out for a hike, or maybe a favorite bike trail. 

3.Day out on the Lake

Is there a better way to celebrate Dad and bring in the summer than out in the water? Go fishing, swimming, kayaking, or just hang out on the beach. And don’t forget summer safety for the kiddos!

4.Have a cookout

This one’s for all the grilling Dads out there. There’s something about a summer day and the grill that gets this Dad fired up! Try out a few kid-friendly recipes that both Dad and even the pickiest eater will approve of.

5. Pizza Party

The all-famous pizza party! Not only do the kids love it, but Dad can show off his pizza tossing skills. . . which reminds us, you might want to keep a backup pizza.

6.Take a Cooking Class

If Dad loves cooking, then number 1, we’re jealous. And number 2, check out a cooking class! Both of you can learn a new recipe or if you’d rather sit back and watch the chef work his magic, then a demonstration class would be fun!

7.Head to the Bowling Alley

Is Dad secretly a champion bowler. . . or thinks he is? If so, then hit up the local bowling alley for an easy way to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

8.Check out a Museum

If Dad is a sucker for all things art, science, or history, then planning a day out at the museum would be perfect! Research the current exhibits and get the kiddos excited for all the things Dad loves!

9.Go-Kart Racing

To celebrate the Dad who is a kid at heart, go-kart racing will bring the fun this Father’s Day. Dad and the kiddos will have a blast, and who knows, it might bring out the kid in you too!

10.Have a Movie Marathon


If you’d prefer to celebrate Father’s Day in the a/c then set up a movie marathon for the cinema-enthusiast Dad. There’s no sweating involved and minimal planning — the hardest part is picking the movies!

Alright, dads all folks!

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads out there! And let us know how you celebrated by tagging us on Instagram @renzosvitamins.
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