Meet the mission-driven peeps behind our Melty Tabs 


The Boss

Renzo Rocca 

Renzo fills our team with determination and positivity as we pursue our mission of helping kids follow their dreams and be the best they can in life.

He’s overcome many challenges and is grateful to share his story in a positive way with the products that bear his name.

He loves taking Melty Tabs every day and is passionate about spreading good vibes and cheer to other kids going through big surgeries as part of his #TeamRenzos project.

His favorite activities include watching Broadway plays like Wicked and bossing around the Renzo’s team with a smile on his face.

The Gourmet Chef

Dr. Jose Rocca


Dr. Rocca is Renzo’s dad and the brains behind our special Melty Tabs.

After earning a PhD at the University of Texas, Dr. Rocca became a pharmaceutical scientist and developed products that have helped millions of patients, including working on the cardiovascular drug Niaspan®, a special form of Vitamin B3.

Thanks to him, our Melty Tabs are made with pharmaceutical expertise and the highest attention to quality, all in the family-owned, FDA-registered facility that he started after his successful career in pharma. 

Dr. Rocca spends his time perfecting the Renzo’s line and is always on the lookout for the most wholesome ingredients to include in our products and bring to kids everywhere.  Outside the lab he loves spending time with his family and playing tennis.

The Architect

Tim Berthold 


Tim brings his creativity and team-building skills to growing Renzo’s. He believes in a no-nonsense approach to health and is passionate about our mission of helping kids follow their dreams and perform at their best.

Before helping steer the Renzo’s ship, Tim drove nuclear submarines in the Navy and consulted to Fortune 100 companies on business strategies.

Tim loves working with kids and one of his proudest accomplishments is coaching his former middle school’s flag football team to a winning 6-2 record before he went off to the Naval Academy.  

Outside of Renzo’s he enjoys working out and exploring farmer’s markets or the aisles at Whole Foods.  Tim is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a native to the California Bay Area where he picked up many of his crunchy habits. 

The Artist

Brigitte Poleo


Brigitte spends her time making sure our all our graphics, designs, and promotional materials are on point.

Along with her infectious laugh, one of her quirks is ordering lunch from the wrong Panera Bread location and sending teammates on wild goose chases around Miami.

Outside the office she enjoys origami, watching fantasy movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and playing with her dog, Milo.

The Local

Lyda Zatarain 


Lyda engages with our local community to find events where we can spread the word about Renzo's and our Melty Tabs.

Outside the office she loves helping her nieces with their math homework and tutoring other kids in school.  

She also enjoys shopping for funky, artistic jewelry and trying extravagant foods (except cheese), and one of her claims to fame is knowing all the lines from the movies Gladiator and 300. 

The Quality Master

Dr. David Mastropietro 


Dr. Mastropietro brings his eighteen years of pharma & academic expertise to ensuring every batch of Renzo’s is manufactured with care and precision.  

He also likes to write, having authored or co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications and has his name on 6 U.S. patent applications.  We keep asking him to write a kid’s book next, but he’s often too busy for that given his role teaching pharmaceutical sciences to graduate students.  

Outside the lab he enjoys practicing magic and other sleight-of-hand feats between times eating good food with family and friends.


The Banker

Maria Elena Andrade


Maria Elena keeps us honest with our sales goals and makes sure we aren’t using the company card on personal shopping sprees.  

She is also Renzo’s favorite person in the office and gets a big hug from him every time he visits.

Outside the office she enjoys exploring Miami, spending time with her husband, and talking on the phone with her son and daughter who travel the globe in their corporate hospitality and consulting jobs.