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What Vitamins Should My Kid Take?

Many parents today are concerned about health - and that’s a great thing! As parents, we want to make sure our kids get all the nutrients they need, and that often includes adding vitamins to supplement their diet. But it’s hard for us to decide which vitamins if any, our kids actually need. You may find yourself asking - should I even be giving my kid this nutritional cocktail?

The truth is, 2016 a health report done by the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health found that the diets of American children do contain adequate amounts of most vitamins and minerals. Unless you are constantly feeding your kids unhealthy snacks, junk foods, and sugary sodas, chances are they are probably getting what they need.

So why do my kids need vitamins?

Vitamins for Kids

Even though your children may getting what they need to function on most days, only an average of just 16 percent of kids eats what is considered the “ideal diet” daily. Most do not regularly get their recommended serving of fruit, vegetables, grain or dairy, meaning they are not getting all the nutrients they need every single day.

Also, there are some children who have nutritional deficiencies or suffer from conditions like anemia which require additional supplements in their diet, particularly iron. A lack of essential vitamins such as vitamin D is common in children that live in colder climates with little sunlight, and kids who are lactose intolerant might be low in calcium. This is why most parents choose to have a multivitamin that contains a little bit of everything in just case.

Depending on the health needs of your child, adding vitamins to their diet could be beneficial. Your child may benefit from a multivitamin, or they may just need a specific vitamin to fit their dietary requirements. Just remember that vitamins are there to supplement a healthy diet, not to replace it! If you do decide to go the vitamin route, make sure you choose a vitamin that is free of sugar, artificial ingredients, and genetically modified ingredients.

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Vitamins for Kids


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