Top 7 Flu Myths: Debunked

Top 7 Flu Myths: Debunked

If the flu has ever knocked you on your butt, then you may have a few choice words for those who say, “the flu ain’t that bad. . .”

Unless, of course, you enjoy being surrounded by tissues, a nose that runs like a river, and feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. In that case, have at it!

But for the rest of us, we’d all agree that “the flu ain’t that bad” is a whopper of a myth if there ever was one! And we’re here to put an end to the myths once and for all. 

Myth #7. Drinking milk will make it worse

You may have heard that drinking milk while you have the flu may make symptoms worse or keep you sick longer but nope! Drinking milk has NOT been shown to worsen flu symptoms or duration. 

However, there may be a reason this myth stuck around for so long. Basically, since milk coats our throats and makes them feeeeeeel more “mucus-ey,” it may increase mucus production. Right?? Sounds pretty science-ey. 

But thankfully, it’s not true. Studies have shown that there is no relationship between dairy intake and increased mucus production. That means for all you Picky Parents with toddlers who only drink milk, we say, drink up! Because staying hydrated is very important — and that’s no myth.

Myth #6. Antibiotics will cure the flu

Ooh, this is a big one. We’ve all heard of antibiotics. They’re the good guys; the ones who come in and save the day with their super strong fighting powers.

But here’s the thing about antibiotics. . . they can only fight bacteria. Their powers are useless against viruses! So remember, say no, no, no to antibiotics for the flu. 

Myth #5: The flu vaccine will give you the flu

If debunking myths was a superpower, we’d be bringing the heat with this one! Because there are many studies about the flu vaccine and the way it’s administered. And they’ve shown that influenza vaccination is not associated with flu symptoms. However, we do encourage you to speak to your pediatrician on this one! :)

Myth #4. The flu vaccine will prevent the flu

If you read that and thought, “waaiiiittt, didn’t you just say. . .” Haha you didn’t read that wrong! It’s true that the flu vaccine does not GIVE you the flu, but it also doesn't 100% prevent the flu either! What it can do is give you that added layer of protection — especially as we enter flu prime time. 

But like we said, only an added layer. That means you should still follow your flu prevention tips to keep the kiddos healthy this winter season. 

Myth #3: Feed a cold, starve a fever

We’re excited to finally put an end to this one because we shouldn’t starve anything! Offer your little ones healthy, nutritious food and give their bodies the nutrients it needs to strengthen that immune system. 

Myth #2: Chicken soup will make you better faster

As much as we reaallllyyy wanted to believe that grandma’s recipe will make it all better faster, this one is also a myth. However, the warm liquid in chicken soup can soothe a sore throat. And yummy veggies can give our little ones those nutrients to strengthen their immune systems! So, although it won’t cure the flu or make it go away faster, we say, go ahead and cook up grandma’s recipe — and don't forget the secret recipe: LOVE!

Myth #1: Going out in the cold, or with wet hair, will make you sick

And coming out on top is the one phrase every parent has said at one time or another: 

“You better put on a jacket before you get sick!” 

Truth is, there are a few reasons we get the flu more often in the winter. But going out in the cold isn’t one of them! More time indoors in close proximity to others and lower levels of Vitamin D play a larger part in making our kiddos sick than being outdoors. 

On that note, that wraps up our list of the Top 7 Flu Myths. Now let’s get outside and soak up those sun rays!

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