Too Much Sugar Is Bad for Kids… Here’s Why It Shouldn’t Be in Vitamins

Too Much Sugar Is Bad for Kids… Here’s Why It Shouldn’t Be in Vitamins

A little sugar here and there isn't a problem, in fact it's normal!

After all, we all like to enjoy the occasional treat, and kiddos in particular seem to have insatiable little sweet tooth, especially around holidays.

And we get it – it’s nearly impossible to cut sugar out of a child’s diet completely. We don’t even encourage an all-out ban because some degree of sugar is considered normal. The human body actually needs natural forms of sugar to survive.

However, problems with sugar arise because of three key factors:

  • The quantity of obvious sugar a child consumes
  • The frequency in which they have it
  • Most importantly, the hidden ways sugar is added to seemingly “healthy” foods that they consume on a regular basis

The perfect examples are ketchup, yogurt, sauces, and sports drinks. We all know kids’ cereal is basically candy in a different form… But ketchup full of hidden sugar? Who would’ve thought?!

As gummy vitamins gained popularity over the past few years, many parents and practitioners failed to notice a key detail… Gummies taste like candy because, well, they’re packed full of sugar! Gasp.

Now you might be thinking, if you just said a little sugar here and there isn’t a problem… what is the issue with a little sugar in small vitamins?

Let's dive in.

1) Sugar and cavities are best friends.

Sugar is the key ingredient in the development of cavities. It’s quite literally the fuel to the fire since cavities can’t form without free sugars in the mouth. Vitamins + sugar = cavities + unwanted dentist visits. How’s that for a little math conundrum?

The worst part? Most parents give their kids vitamins before bed… So that icky, sticky, sugar-filled gunk just sits on their teeth ALL night. Uhm, yuck! Pediatric dentists everywhere are shedding a tear as they read this.

2) Vitamins are meant to be healthy.

Vitamins are supposed to ADD nutritional value not unwanted junk and calories! Did you know it takes 3+ gummy vitamins to meet the nutritional value of JUST ONE Renzo’s Melty Tab? The choice is obvious.

3) The last thing kiddos need is more sugar.

It pains us to say this, but the truth is… Sugar is hidden in almost every conceivable form of packaged food nowadays. Why give your kids even more hidden sugar on a daily basis through their vitamins? It simply doesn't make sense.

Since day one, Renzo’s Vitamins has been on a mission to make wholesome, sugar-free, junk-free vitamins for kids that parents and practitioners alike can trust. All of our vitamins are made with the best possible ingredients and no sugar whatsoever.

Want to give Renzo’s a try? We’ve even got a Picky Eater Money Back Guarantee! Check out our full range of Renzo’s Melty Tabs here.

Renzo's Vitamins provides general recommendations, not to be construed as medical advice.

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