The 4 Superpowers of Summer Safety

The 4 Superpowers of Summer Safety

It’s summer break and the kiddos are ready for fun in the sun! But before we embark on sunny adventures, let's transform into Summer Savvy Superheroes. We’ll uncover the secrets to protect gentle skin, defeat dehydration, conquer mosquito bug haven, and boost health and energy. So, grab your capes and get ready to unlock the summer safety superpowers within us!

1. Sunscreen

Those beaming sun rays can feel amazing on a warm day. But too much and we’re in store for a nasty sunburn – ouch! That’s why our first superpower of sun safety is none other than the mighty sunscreen. It acts as a shield protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. 

But not all sunscreens are created equal. You want a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. And for those fun pool parties, water-resistant sunscreen is a must.

Applying sunscreen before heading outdoors should be as routine as brushing your teeth before bed. We want to apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours at least, especially if we’re swimming or sweating. So whether you’re heading to the beach or the backyard, never leave without your trusty sunscreen sidekick!

2. Hydration

Next for our Summer Savvy Superheroes is proper hydration. The sizzling heat can be draining and our kiddos need to stay hydrated. 

Hydration is key to maintaining energy, preventing heat-related illnesses, and keeping our bodies cool. Encourage your kiddos to drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if they don't feel thirsty. And schedule water breaks between playtime to avoid dehydration. 

But when it comes to hydrating, we also have to stay smart. Because hydration drinks are a favorite place for sneaky sugar to hide! Rather than hydrating with sugar-filled sports drinks or soda, infuse your kiddo’s water with slices of fruit like strawberries, cucumbers, or citrus. You can also whip up a Rise and Shine Smoothie loaded with delicious summer fruits for a burst of flavor. 

Let's keep our bodies supercharged with the power of hydration!


3. Healthy Eating

Another superpower is a healthy diet – especially during the summer! Busy vacations and family outings make it easy for junk food and excessive sugar to find its way into our kiddo’s diet. But fueling our bodies with the right nutrients boosts our super strength for an energized summer. 

To make it easy for our kiddos to eat healthy, keep nutritious grab-n-go summer snacks stocked in the fridge – things like sliced fruit and veggies, homemade trail mix, and overnight oats. The summer is also the perfect time to learn a new recipe. Enlist the help of your little chef with planning, prepping, and mixing. Not only is it fun, but they’re more likely to try new foods when they know they helped. 

If you have a picky eater, fear not! You can fill in those nutrition gaps with a healthy, sugar-free multivitamin for kids. Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi is the perfect vitamin for picky eaters. It’s jam packed with 18 high-quality vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s super yummy and free of sugar and junk. 

By choosing healthy snacks and supplementing where needed, we’re providing our kiddos with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep them strong and mighty – a true summer superpower!

4. Bug Bites

On this quest for summer safety, let's unveil our final defense: protection against pesky bug bites! Just like superheroes shield themselves from harm, we too can armor ourselves against those tiny adversaries, particularly ticks and mosquitos.

Equip yourselves with a trusty insect repellent containing DEET and dress in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. On days spent in grassy or wooded areas, wear long sleeves, long pants tucked into high socks, and always do a tick check: a heroic routine of examining our bodies for ticks. 

Another prevention technique is to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes love to play. You can also light citronella candles during outdoor playtime to create an invisible shield against unwelcome intruders. With these bug-busting techniques, we can reclaim the outdoors and enjoy bite-free adventures all summer long.

Let the Summer Adventures Begin!

Stay sun savvy, hydrated, eat healthy, and protect against those pesky bugs. Armed with these superpowers, our kiddos can safely embark on a summer filled with joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories!

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