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Renzo's Vitamins + Miami Diaper Bank: A Giving Back Project


2020 has completely turned our lives totally upside down. Yet as much as we want to complain and when we put all the uncertainty behind, we can see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. We realize that although we were shaken to our core, we also came to realize what is truly important and how priceless family and health is. 

On one side, our “new normal” has left most of us socially distanced and anxiously waiting for 2021, BUT it has also taught us to make the most out of being at home. We've learned new dances, improved our technology skills, and have probably memorized the entire soundtrack of Hamilton. 

However, it is not until you look towards the outside that you realize how many families have been without a stable income. They’ve been left in a position where they are no longer able to afford basic necessities such as food, diapers and clothing… so we decided to step up. Here’s how Renzo’s is taking action:


Starting Right At Home 

As a family-owned business we believe parents everywhere should sleep better at night knowing that their kids are getting the nutrients they need, especially if their diet or food intake isn’t meeting their nutritional requirements. While a vitamin isn’t the solution, it’s a wonderful option for parents to rely on in these trying times -- we’ll call it a “nutritional band aid”.

Because we believe in order to make a difference you should start at home, we’ve teamed up with several local organizations in order to donate our Melty Tabs to kids of families in our very own community.

This past Saturday, we joined Miami Diaper Bank and its volunteers for their monthly Public (socially distant drive-through) Distribution. Miami Diaper Bank has already dedicated over 7 years to support disadvantaged children and struggling families across South Florida by providing diapers and other diaper related products. Today, they’re working twice as hard to help families who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The distribution this weekend was a total success, as we were able to donate bottles of our Picky Eater Multi & our Invincible Vitamin C to accommodate more than 500 families! Seeing the grateful eyes of parents as their trunk was packed with baby wipes, diapers and wholesome vitamins was truly heart-warming. Here are some snapshots of the event: 

Not Our First or Last Donation

This is only one of the many efforts we hope to continue this year. Renzo’s was created with the sole purpose of making it easy for parents to make the healthy choice for their kids, and that should be an option for ALL parents and more importantly, for all kids. 

We wanted to deeply thank Miami Diaper Bank for giving us the opportunity to come together as one and give back to our community. 

We also wanted to thank YOU for all the support you’ve given us! If it wasn’t for our loyal parents, this donation would have not been possible. Every bottle you purchase makes these kinds of donations possible so we deeply thank you.

This is only one of the many efforts we hope to continue this year so stay tuned for more of Renzo’s Giving Back projects! 

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