My experience in the workforce - by Renzo Rocca

My experience in the workforce - by Renzo Rocca

Article by: Renzo Rocca.

I've had a lot of internships and jobs in the last 3 years where I've learned a lot of different skills.

During my internship at Hialeah Publix, I worked in the Deli Section. I completed tasks such as putting stickers on boxes and arranging silverware on shelves. Once I finished in the Deli Section, I transitioned to the bakery section.

There, I bagged bread, placed it on tables, and organized pantries in boxes.

Additionally, I assisted others with their tasks by handling pantries. I then moved to another section before undergoing back surgery. In the produce section, I performed tasks such as removing stems from strawberries.

Upon completing my Project Victory at Ronald Reagan High School, I applied to the Dan Marino Campus program. Although I didn't initially succeed in the interview process, I reapplied a year later and was accepted. Throughout the program, I excelled in Microsoft Office and obtained certifications in Word, Excel, and Outlook.


After completing the Marino Campus Program, I interned at the Fire Department, where I worked in data entry. I assisted with hurricane relief efforts by inputting information into the computer and organizing files. Following positive feedback from my supervisor, I was offered a permanent position in the Human Resources department.

In 2022, my father suggested I work at Renzo's Vitamins so I interviewed for a position there. With guidance from my job coach, I prepared for the interview by predicting questions, dressing appropriately, and arriving on time. During the interview, I confidently answered questions about myself and explained my interest in working for Renzo's Vitamins.

I had a successful interview with Tim, the CMO of the company and shared why I wanted to work there. Following positive feedback from both interviewers, I was offered the job.

On my first day, I conducted research on vitamins and performed various tasks, including keeping track of our Amazon subscriptions.


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