My Pawsome Friends - by Renzo Rocca

My Pawsome Friends - by Renzo Rocca

Article by: Renzo Rocca.

My first dog was named Austin.

He was a West Highland White Terrier. My parents got him before my brother Franco and I were born. Austin was so excited to see us when we were just babies. He followed me everywhere in the house. When I used a walker to help me walk, I would give him a ball to play with.

After a year, my uncle and his family took Austin with them to Georgia. We went on vacation to visit him there. I was happy to see him, and he met his brother. We did many things together until Austin got old.

They helped him go upstairs and downstairs and to the bathroom because he was old. Years later, Austin passed away in 2011.

My second/third dog was named Blacky.

He was a Scottish Terrier. We got him at the pet store. As he got older, he couldn't walk well or eat much. We tried everything to help him, but my parents said it was time to say goodbye. He passed away in 2015.

Austin and Blacky will always be my favorites. I miss them very much.

My fourth dog is Bruno.

He is a West Highland White Terrier. We got him at the pet store next to the Chinese restaurant.

He was very cute and spoiled. As he became an adult, he played with his toys and chose a stuffed animal as his favorite.

My fifth dog, Kiko, came from South Dakota.

He is a Scottish Terrier. My dad bought him online, and Bruno became his big brother. We picked him up at the airport. He was a cute puppy. When he became an adult, he played with toys and went for walks with us.

My sixth dog is Ying.

He is a Golden Retriever. He came from California and New Orleans. He was trained to be a service animal but retired because he was scared of children.

Now he lives happily with us and plays with Bruno and Kiko.

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