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Melty Tab Tales - The Clarks' Story

Hi there! 

Ready for another a tale featuring a super-parent?

This month we wanted to share the Clark family's story and how Supermom Sarah was looking for something to balance out her little one's tummy after finding out her kiddo was dairy intolerant.

Let's dive in!

Here's her story in her own words:

"Hi there!

We're the Clark family! And we just love the Renzo's Multivitamins and their probiotics.

We are actually on the monthly subscription program they have.

She was born with an intolerance to diary so at 18 months I started to put her on the probiotics and she's done phenomenal since then.

These are the only vitamins she will take without spitting them out. They also have no sugar, so these tabs are just awesome.

I've got my friends on them, my neighbors on them so I highly recommend them! 

Two thumbs up!

 - Sarah Clark. 


This story outlines what our every-day mission is: making it easy to make the healthy choice for your little ones! 

In this case, our Probiotics and Picky Eater Multi was able to help Sarah's little one grow stronger and have a more balanced tummy. 

Ready to continue letting Melty Tabs make parenting just a bit easier? We sure hope so!
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P.S. Is there a story behind your Renzo's experience? Share it with us, we'd love to hear it :) 

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