Melty Tab 101: 3 easy ways to take our vitamins

Melty Tab 101: 3 easy ways to take our vitamins

We wanted to drop by here and share with you a couple of hacks when it comes to getting your little ones to take our Melty Tabs.
Most kiddos have no problem letting them melt in their mouth but in some cases, it might take a couple of tricks to get them used to it.

1. Dissolve them in your kiddo's favorite liquid:

Whether this is orange juice or plain water, our melty tabs are quick to dissolve. They'll barely know its there and its quick and simple 🙂 
Note: if your little one is taking our Iron Strong or our Picky Eater Multi, we recommend you stay away from lactose/dairy for better iron absorption!

2. Favorite Foods to the rescue:

We know every kid is different but we've had parents crush and sneak our melty tabs in foods ranging from oatmeal to even ketchup! 
Your best bet is choose something sweet that has a similar taste but hey, experimenting with different types of foods can't hurt!
Here are a few examples that have worked for our parents in the past:
  • Oatmeal 
  • Cereal
  • Ketchup
  • Ice cream (Fruit-based kind!)

3. Fruity smoothies:

 Are your kiddos number one fans of smoothies? You're in luck.
You can blend in our melty tabs in to a yummy fruit smoothie. They'll barely know it is there plus they'll get their daily fruit serving = a win win!
Bonus points if the flavor of the melty tab matches the smoothie flavor! 🙂
Have any of these tips worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

And if not, what are some tips that have worked for you? Share with our fellow parents.
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