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Low Cost Labor Day Fun for Families

Labor Day is around the corner and for most of us, that means a nice long weekend for the entire family!

Technically, Labor Day weekend is the last days of summer fun. You won’t be seeing another holiday for a while, so it’s time to make the most of it and get in some fun time with the kids. And hopefully, you can do it without breaking the bank. It can be hard to celebrate big when the rent is due on the holiday. You may already be drained from back-to-school shopping and paying those school fees. Trust me, I get it parents. But there is no need to spend your hard-earned paychecks to celebrate the hard work of millions of Americans!

A good start to save some money is to plan to stay on your home turf for the long weekend. No travel costs required for flights, gas, hotels, eating out etc. No matter where you live, there are always some cheap thrills around to keep you and the family busy. Everything from parades, backyard barbecues, swimming pools, fireworks - the list goes on.

Here are a few fun activities your whole family will enjoy. The best things in life are supposed to be free, right? If not, they should at least be cheap! Get ready for the best 3-day weekend ever :-)

Find your local street fair

Labor Day Fun for Kids and Family Renzo's Vitamins

Street fairs are happening across the country on Labor Day, so check your local listing and find a few! You’d be surprised at how many will be going on. Most of them are free, if not they are usually less than $10 to attend. The best part? You can probably entertain your family for most of the day there. Enjoy live music, face painting, local street foods, fresh produce, fair games, bouncy houses and park rides for the whole family.  

Hit up the pool and go swimming

Labor Day Fun For Kids and Family Renzo's Vitamins

You can’t go wrong with a pool in the summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s the pool in your complex, your friend’s pool, or a community pool that is open to the public, find one where the parents can sunbathe and the kids can take a little swim. If you live near a beach, even better! Just don’t forget your summer safety tips and make sure you have something cool to sip on. And please don’t forget your sunscreen!

Take a hike

Labor Day Fun for Kids and Family Renzo's Vitamins

Even if you live in the city there is almost always a few places you can go for a refreshing (and free) hike in the great outdoors. Bring a blanket along and pack a nice picnic lunch for the family to munch on - hiking burns a lot of energy. But then on the plus side, your kids will probably get tired and pass out early. So slather the family in bug spray, grab the family dog and hit the hiking trail! Oh, you will probably need some sunscreen for this one too ;-)

Host an old-school potluck barbeque

Labor Day BBQ Renzo's Vitamins

Labor Day barbecues are a classic, and if your friends and family are down to bring the food and drinks, it can be a lot of cheap fun! At the most, you may need to spring for some decor and a few paper plates. Have some child-friendly games in mind for the kids that will be coming - maybe arrange a scavenger hunt or set out some board games. If your city allows fireworks, plan a time to set those off (safely of course). And don’t forget to prep your backyard for pesky mosquitoes and flies that will also want to join in the festivities. Add in some good music and you’ve got yourself a nice, cheap party!

Have safe, cheap and happy Labor Day Weekend!

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