6 ways to keep kids focused at the of the school year

6 ways to keep kids focused at the of the school year

With the excitement of summer right around the corner, your kiddo may struggle to focus in the classroom. 

And honestly. . .

We don’t blame ‘em! Who wouldn’t look forward to sleeping in, lake trips, beach vacations, and especially NO SCHOOL – okay, maybe that’s just us dreaming about summer.

But the truth is, it’s totally normal! Even as adults we struggle to concentrate when we’re excited. Just walk into any office on a Friday afternoon.

However, this also gives us the perfect opportunity to learn a thing or two about staying engaged.

With just a sprinkle of patience and a touch of creativity, we’ll finish the year off strong. Okay, let’s get started!

Play “The Name It Game”

With the school year coming to an end, your kiddo may be experiencing a whole lotta feelings. They could be excited, nervous, anxious, frustrated, or sad. And with all these feelings doing somersaults in our tummies, it can be super hard to focus!

Learning to recognize, understand, and accept feelings helps develop our little one’s emotional intelligence and resilience.

So, let’s teach our kiddos to acknowledge those feelings with – The Name It Game.

Every morning before school, have your kiddo name their emotion. Choosing from a list or a feeling’s wheel can make the game easier. Then, assure them it’s okay to feel this way! Even better, play the game with them. And they’ll see that even the person they love more than anything in the whole wide world has these feelings too.

Stick to a Routine

The temptation to start summer vacation just a tad bit early is real. Dropping kids off a little later, hitting the snooze button too many times, squeezing in a couple more minutes of TV before bed, or skipping the bedtime story altogether. 

We know the feeling. 

But if our kiddos can focus through the end of the school year, so can we! As best as possible, let’s stick to our routine. Even small changes in routine can cause chaos in our kid’s day. And knowing just what to expect helps them stay on track. 


C’mon, who doesn’t love a reward? During this time when it’s especially hard to stay focused, reward your kiddo when they complete assignments. Shower them with praise and high-fives for doing a great job. It will give them the motivation they need to finish the year strong and boost their confidence for the future. 

Start a Special Project

Who’s ever got so caught up in looking to the future that they forget the present?

We’re definitely raising our hands for this one. . . okay, maybe even both hands. 

But in the same way, it happens to our kiddos. If we can bring their attention to the present, our kids can love the moment they’re in now. 

And the way to do that? A creative way that’s fun and engaging?

A special project. But this is no ordinary project. 

No, this is a special project that *only* happens at this moment, in the weeks before school ends. Here are a few examples:

  • Thank You Basket for Teacher
  • Special Cards for friends (include home address & phone number to see each other during the summer)
  • Create a “School Yearbook” with all the things they learned & experienced this year

Mindfulness Practice for Kid

We know that mindfulness and meditation can be beneficial for adults. But studies show that mindfulness can also be great for kids! Specifically, mindfulness practices for children can increase cognitive capacity and benefit kids in these 3 ways:

  • Increased focus
  • Improved academic performance
  • Decreased levels of stress

There are plenty of helpful resources for teaching mindfulness for kids to help you get started. 

Eating a Nutritious Diet

A healthy diet high in fruits and veggies is our brain’s best friend! Especially Vitamin B6. This special little nutrient is shown to help kids focus!

But that’s not all. Vitamin B6 helps:

  • Support brain & nervous system function – for a healthy, growing brain
  • Promote upbeat moods – feeling good & happy helps our kiddo learn, play, & explore the world around them
  • Healthy melatonin production – perfect for a great night’s sleep

Now, you may be wondering how to get more vitamins into your little one’s diet? Preferably in a way that won’t end in a mealtime battle. 

And for that, we got you covered. 

A few kid-friendly foods high in Vitamin D include chicken, bananas, and eggs. Here are a few yummy brain power lunches to get started. 

But you have another option too. One that double and triple checks that those nutrition gaps are covered – especially on days when cooking is out of the question.

And that’s supplementation with a children’s vitamin free of sugar and junk. And taste delicious of course!

A multivitamin for kids is a great place to start. Or, if you really want those bright and brainy benefits, Vitamin B6 for kids can also give your little one the boost to end the school year strong. 

Okay, only a few weeks left. Let’s help our little one’s stay engaged, stay focused, and have fun doing it. 

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