8 Kid-Friendly & Healthy Snacks for Easter

8 Kid-Friendly & Healthy Snacks for Easter

It’s Easter time, and every parent knows when this holiday rolls around every grocery store display is packed with sugary, junky Easter treats. Jellybeans, marshmallow peeps and chocolate eggs are literally everywhere - and your kids are headed for a sugar meltdown.

Now of course, these staple treats are all part of the Easter fun! But there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are just as delicious you can try. Doesn’t mean you have to cut out ALL the candy this year, but it’s all about balance. Creating a few alternative snacks that include natural healthy nutrients and fruits and veggies will fill them up! Plus, it will keep them from crashing later.

We put together a list our top 8 healthy Easter snack recipes from some of our favorite mommy bloggers:

8 Healthy Easter Snacks

Pink Bunny Pancakes

Pink Bunny Pancakes Renzos Vitamins

Start Easter morning with a kick and try making these adorable pink bunny pancakes like these from iHeartNaptime. Now these special pancakes do required a bit of extra decorating work, and you will need food coloring and couple condiment squirt bottles to create. But the effort will be well worth it! Your kids will love seeing these pink pancakes, and you can even let them decorate the bunny faces themselves. 

Carrot Stick Patches

Carrot Patches Renzos Vitamins

Now, these are so cute you almost don’t want to eat them! These simple carrot stick planters make a great Easter party centerpiece! But the best part is they are healthy and made to be individually served. All you really need is organic baby carrots and fresh hummus. These make a great snack for any time of year! Get the recipe from Taste and Tell here.

Easter Bird’s Nest Bundt Cakes

Easter Egg Bundt Cake Renzos Vitamins

How cute are these mini bird nest cakes? Ok, so these may not be the healthiest snack on the list, but you can get creative with this recipe and add in some less sugary options. Instead of candy eggs, use yogurt balls. Use a monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar. Get creative! Rachel from Everyday Mom Life even included a recipe for the frosting too - check it out here.

Chick N Egg Sandwiches

Chick n Egg Easter Sandwich Renzos Vitamins

Almost every kid will go for these tiny finger sandwiches. I mean, how can they resist these baby chicks breaking out of their shells? You can get as creative as you like with this awesome idea from RedStamp and sneak in some avocado, spinach or hummus. You will need a chick cookie cutter and an egg cookie cutter to pull these off - and make sure you only use whole wheat bread!

Bunny Trail Mix

A classic spin on traditional trail mix, bunny trail mix brings a little springtime spirit to snack time! This recipe is the easiest on our list to make and you can pretty much customize your ingredients to fit your kid’s diet. Just make sure you don’t forget to add in some Easter colors to make it pop! Snag the recipe right here 

Carrot Hummus Pizza

Carrots can be so boring, but this carrot veggie pizza from Hungry Happenings is fun and delicious! To make, simply form dough into a carrot shape and then topped with veggie cream cheese, shredded carrots, and broccoli heads. Perfect for snack time - plus the slices will keep for up to two days in the fridge. Winning.  

Frozen Yogurt Easter Egg Pops

If you happen to be in part of the country (like us here in Miami) that is typically hit with a springtime heatwave, then you may need something more refreshing to feed your kids. Especially after they finish running around outside searching for hidden Easter eggs! These yogurt popsicles from Eats Amazing are a super healthy, frozen treat made with sweet berries and crunchy granola mixed together. All you need is a mixing bowl and some egg-shaped molds. 

Easter Egg Quesadillas

Get crafty with the kids and make these Easter egg quesadillas from Itsy Bitsy Foodies. This healthy snacks almost doubles as an Easter activity, you can lay out the ingredients and let the kids choose. Try to keep it simple with this one, or you may have a bit of a mess on your hands - literally.

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