Feeling Pressured for an Active & Proactive Summer? Read This!

Feeling Pressured for an Active & Proactive Summer? Read This!

Article By: Dr. Evangelynn Honegger

Dr. Evangelynn Honegger is the Lead Clinic Physician at TRUEcare Integrative Medicine, an integrative naturopathic family medicine, acupuncture, and functional nutrition practice in Kirkland, WA.

Warm sunshine, longer days, and endless activities in the summer... Summer is here, which can sometimes bring extra planning for parents and caregivers. We have collected our best summertime brainstorm with things to do over summer to help take planning stress away and keep focused on summer activities with family in mind. It is the perfect time for kids to explore, create, learn, and make lasting memories when family activities for the summer are at the forefront. If you have been searching for inspiration, look no further than our collection of summer-focused activities.

Let’s dive in!

1) Planning tip: This is your cue to create a summer bucket list.

One of our favorite ways to prevent summer boredom and burnout is to create a bucket list to help motivate everyone in the family to try new experiences. Brainstorm interests, skills, and subjects you and your kids may be open to trying, along with a quick peruse of what’s around your local area. It’s great to make family memories during summer and to think of summer planning more as an inspiration list versus a to-do list!

2) Activities with outdoor art & creativity.

  • Shadow drawing — this can be fun for a day full of sunshine. Objects can be simple or more intricate designs from nature.
  • Sidewalk chalk (this is always a hit) — you can even find art stencils from the dollar store, online, or create a sidewalk agility or obstacle course.
  • 3D nature art — forage at a local trail, park, or backyard and create 3D nature art.

3) Activities in nature & fun outdoor adventures.

  • Visit a state park or plan a day trip exploring local parks and playgrounds.
  • Explore parks that have splash pad or water features if it’s a sizzling summer day.
  • Enjoy nature scavenger hunts, which can take on all forms!
  • Get the family outside on a hike, bike ride, or a day at the beach or lake.
  • Set up a lemonade stand for a cause to help spread joy around the neighborhood.
  • Go stargazing or create a camp out slumber party in your backyard.
  • Have kids help with a garden or keep it as simple as a couple containers on the front porch.

4) Activities for a day at home.

  • Enjoy a movie marathon.
  • Find some origami books from the library and start creating.
  • Plan a card or board game night. Find a new game or pick out an old favorite.
  • Take part in collecting. Did you collect sports cards, gems/rocks, figurines, ink stamps, stickers, bracelets, trains, or Legos growing up? Consider starting up a collection with your kiddos during the summer break!
  • Work on a home house project together — let your kids help!
  • Try speed puzzling! Have a 100-piece puzzle race, and see who builds it the fastest!

5) Activities to keep up connection.

  • Often kids miss the routine of seeing their friends daily at school. Plan regular connection time with family and friends to help fill the social cup and encourage healthy social and emotional health.
  • Exchange info with close friends at school. Have a friend phone line.
  • Enjoy BBQs, yard games, board games, and card games as a family.
  • Have s’mores and a bonfire. Invite some friends!
  • Schedule regular pool or park play dates to strengthen relationships.
  • Ask how your kids would like to stay in touch with their besties from school, which will help you understand their preferences.

6) Activities in the community.

  • Take a visit to a garden, museum, science center, zoo, or aquarium.
  • Visit a local farmers' market — maybe it becomes a weekly adventure!
  • Find a taste of farm life! See what is in season and visit a local "u-pick" farm for summer bounty!
  • Check out library program offerings.
  • Check out local community center events, programs, theater shows, and classes.
  • Research cooking classes for kids — often co-op and grocery stores may have programs.
  • Seek out community events and tours at local animal sanctuaries or rescues.
  • Explore local aviation and train museums.
  • Organize a tour or check out open houses at your local fire station.
  • Try a kid’s workshop at Home Depot or your local science centers.

7) Pack healthy snacks to fuel your days!

Summer often means changing routines and on-the-go meals become more frequent. Nutrition is key to keep energy and immune systems strong! Find fun and easy recipes kids can help make (no-bake snacks, refreshing frozen treats, homemade popsicles, prepped fruits and veggies, easy and healthy snack alternatives). Don’t forget to make sure all the basics are covered with a foundational multivitamin like the Renzo's Picky Eater Multi to make certain key vitamins and minerals are optimized to have a healthy and active summer!

8) Here are my summer nutrition essentials.

  • Renzo's Dynamite D3 to keep bones, teeth, hormones, and muscles healthy. If you have growing little ones at home, they need Vitamin D ("the sunshine vitamin") for their development.
  • Renzo's Invincible Vitamin C for healthy joints with its direct role in collagen production, neurotransmitter function for healthy mood, and immune support.

Summer planning can include summer camps to sports to simplifying and savoring all kinds of activities both you and your kids can enjoy together as a family. But it doesn’t need to break the bank or cause planning stress. Whether you turn these ideas into your summer bucket list or you just pick a few of your favorites, you will create some core memories along the way. The key is to slow down, pause, and check-in on what aligns for your family this summer, and soak in summer with your family so everyone gets a slice of summertime joy!

Renzo's Vitamins provides general recommendations, not to be construed as medical advice.

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