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5 Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is only one week away! This special day is designed to celebrate father’s, grandfathers, uncles, brothers or any father-figure in you or your child’s life. But when you a parent yourself, this day is not just about your own dad, it is about your partner as well. When you have little ones, it is important to include them in the gift-giving. And if you’re sick of the predictable presents you see on Father’s Day, this is the blog for you :-)

Father’s Day gifts should be geared towards things you can do with your dad - not just things he can only do alone. Beer mugs, ties sets, and cigars are cool, but let's make this Father’s Day a little more heartfelt and family friendly!

Whether you choose to go the store-bought route or have your little ones help you create something handmade, there are unique gift ideas for every kind of dad, at every price point.

Here are 5 cool Father’s Day gift ideas that we think Dad will really appreciate:

Daddy and me tees


Daddy and me tees are all the rage right now, so why not bless dad with some cool new gear he can wear with the little ones? There are a variety of fun "Daddy and Me" looks online, including these popular tees and hats from KaAn’s Designs.

Father’s Day Picture Collage


At first, a picture collage may sound like a boring, normal Father’s Day gift. But you can think outside of the box and make a collage on just about anything! Put dad’s favorite family photos on a mug, a canvas and even on clothing. You can even use services like Canvas World to print your best family memories straight from Instagram. What Dad wouldn’t love that?

All About Dad Book


Most kids love to tell stories, especially if they are a little older. Something such as a homemade book that is all about dad would be a gift a dad will treasure forever. You can find blank hardcover books at craft stores such as Michaels in different sizes and colors. From there you can help your child write a story about Daddy and the things he or she loves to do with him. Make sure to let them create their own handmade illustrations to go along with the story!

Hand-painted Plant Pots

Whether you have little babies, toddlers or teenagers, this is a gift kids of any age can help create. All you need is a few Terra Cotta pots from your local garden store, acrylic paint, stickers and a few cute phrases that relate to dad. They can use stickers, make handprints, paint phrases or even somg lyrics on the pot. When the paint dries, just add some dirt inside the pot and plant anything you want! And don’t worry if he isn’t really into plants or gardening - this gift will bring all the Dads to the yard :-)


Take Dad On an Epic Adventure


For most Dads, there’s nothing quite as meaningful as spending time with their kids outdoors! Instead of buying or creating a gift for dad, take him somewhere that is fun for him but can include the whole family. This doesn’t have to be a major trip, but can be something local and simple like an arcade, bowling alley, your local theme park or a trip to the beach.

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