8 summer projects to keep your kiddo’s brain active

8 summer projects to keep your kiddo’s brain active

There are plenty of reasons to keep your kids busy this summer. Because, let’s be honest, we kinda like it when they run that energy out and give us a few minutes of peace.

But we’re going to focus on 8 projects that’ll not only keep them busy, but engage those growing brains!

But first, let’s get something straight — we’re not talking lesson plans & homework. It’s summer vacation after all. 

No, we’re talkin’ summer projects that amount to a whole ton of FUN!

Are you ready? Let’s go!!!!

1.Science Experiments

Maybe you remember what it was like the first time you mixed baking soda with vinegar? Or when you felt the static electricity from a balloon on your head?

But science experiments are a fun way to keep learning this summer. There are loads of at-home science experiments for kids, but here’s the classic How to Make a Volcano from the Natural History Museum.

Speaking of museums. . .

2. Visit a museum

Taking a trip to the local museum isn’t just for school field trips. There are plenty of exhibits just for kids that’ll keep those brain cells lit up this summer!

3. Volunteer

Summer volunteering is a great way to teach kids about serving others and engaging with new people. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer to help clean up a neighbor’s lawn
  • Pass out food at a local food bank
  • Pick flowers to bring to a senior in a nursing home
  • Help a pet rescue or animal shelter

4.Nature Scavenger Hunt

This summer project will bring out the inner nature lover — in both you and your kiddo! They can learn about nature and the environment while also engaging their senses by touching, hearing, seeing, and smelling the great outdoors. 

And with any outdoor activity, always remember to practice summer safety to avoid the common summer risks for toddlers. 

5. Rock Painting

Sounds simple but this activity really engages our kiddo’s artistic skills and imagination. They can paint faces, animals, and flowers to name a few. Then decorate a garden or the backyard with your little Picasso’s artwork.

6. Get active

This is one summer project we could always use more of. So why not get the kiddos started early! 

It doesn’t have to be extreme, just enough to get our kids into the habit of building healthy exercise routines. 

And make it fun! Things like:

  • A morning walk around the block
  • Afternoon stretches or yoga
  • Jumping jacks between tv shows

7. Art Projects

Grab a couple sheets of paper and crayons and you got yourself an art project! But if you want to join in on the fun, check out a few of these creative summer crafts to do with your kids. 

8. Plant a tree

This one may be our favorite project because it lasts much longer than the summer, it helps the environment, and, as Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Erika Rodriguez, it helps develop our kiddo’s senses. 

By involving our kids in every part of the process from choosing the tree, helping dig the hole, and watering it often, we’re helping their childhood development and creating fun memories. 

Let us know how you’re keeping your kiddo’s brain active this summer by tagging us on Instagram @renzosvitamins.  

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