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7 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Kids

Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Kids

Get ready Picky Parents because we’re about to dive into all things Iron!

Did you know that Iron is one of the main mineral deficiencies of children in the U.S.???

That means there's a good chance your kiddo is Iron Deficient!

And, well, it’s kind of a big deal.

Because you see, if your kiddo is iron deficient, they have a fast pass to Iron Anemia. Which means there isn’t enough iron to make red blood cells! 

And that’s super important! This can cause all sorts of problems since iron is responsible for growth spurts, blood health, and delivering oxygen to the body.

So yea, we want this guy on our side. 

To make extra sure your Picky Eater isn’t missing out on this mineral, we put together the 7 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency:

Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

  1. Pale skin
  2. Cold hands and feet
  3. Behavioral problems
  4. Fatigue or becoming exhausted quickly
  5. Poor Appetite
  6. Rapid heartbeat
  7. Craving non-nutritious substances like ice or dirt

But keep in mind that most signs and symptoms of Iron Deficiency won’t show up until Iron Anemia has already occured

You know what that means? It’s time to get proactive!

Risk Factors for Iron Deficiency

To keep the big, bad Iron Anemia away, keep an eye out for these common risk factors:

  • Being born premature or at a low birth weight
  • Certain health conditions especially ones that require a restrictive diet
  • Not eating enough iron-rich foods

Now we don’t have a lot of control over the first two. . . but eating iron-rich foods??

Yea, unless mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets magically become “iron-rich,” our Picky Eaters might fall under this category.

But there’s plenty we can do to turn this around. 

Iron Deficiency Treatment

Renzos Iron Strong as a dietary supplement

You can always go the iron-fortified route. Cereals and oatmeal are a good place to start. Adding a protein shake for kids with added iron is another option. Just keep an eye out for that sugar!

A better route might be to add foods that are naturally high in iron. There’s plenty of healthy food for kids that are iron rich. But keep in mind that a healthy diet doesn’t guarantee healthy iron levels. Especially since our kiddo’s appetite varies from day-to-day. Heck, sometimes even minute-to-minute!

But if your little one has what we call “a refined palate,” and basically won’t eat anything with a hint of nutrition, then an iron supplement might be just the ticket! Especially if they’ve already been diagnosed with Iron Anemia.

So if you’re looking for an iron supplement for anemia, then check out Renzo’s Iron Strong. We use a special form of iron that’s gentle on the tummy and combined with Vitamin C to maximize iron absorption. 

Here’s to saying buh-bye to iron deficiency!

***If you notice these signs and symptoms in your little one, talk to your pediatrician!

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