5 Ways to Have a Healthy Summer Break

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Summer Break

Ahhhhh, summer break. A time for sleeping in and staying up late. For vacations and sleepovers. And for tossing schedules and responsibility out the window. . .

Haha kidding! Seriously, where would we be without our planners?!?! 

But that’s what it’s like for our kiddos. And as fun as summer is, this lack of routine can stir up a melting pot of picky eating habits. 

That’s why we’re sharing our best tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and basically, all things picky eating this summer. Think of this as your very own Picky Eating Survival Guide for Summer Break. Let’s dive in!

Do Stick to a Routine

Routine, routine, routine! If there’s one thing you remember, it’s this: Stick to a Routine. Because when consistency hops out, picky eating habits hop in. 

Now, if the thought of routine makes you cringe (because, let’s face it, it’s hard to keep up), then take a deep breath in. . . now exhale because this is super easy! You don’t need an elaborate meal plan or another impossible task on your to-do list. All you need is a smidgen of consistency for this to work. Here are some starters:

  • Serve lunch at the same time, preferably at the same time as school lunch
  • Give your kiddo their favorite healthy snack after storytime (or other daily activity)
  • Pair a kid’s vitamin with breakfast – brownie points if they’re yummy!

Don’t Be a Short-Order Cook

With kiddos home all day, it’s tempting to become a short-order cook; whipping up separate meals on demand. But this can actually promote picky eating. 

For one, it sends a message that there’s a difference between “kid food” and “adult food.” It can also fuel mealtime power struggles by letting our kiddos decide what to eat. Rather, we as parents should focus on what and when to eat, and let our little one decide how much

Use the 4 Mom Hacks

Picky eating habits take time to break. And it requires a whole looottttaaa patience! But how can we make sure our kiddos are getting the nutrients they need in the meantime? Especially since, even though they can’t find their own shoes, they can spot a hint of spinach a mile away.

Well, with these 4 Mom Hacks, your little one will gobble up their fruits and veggies without suspecting a thing.

  1. Sauce it up – great with tomatoes or butternut squash
  2. Mash it down – mix potatoes with cauliflower, corn, or even carrots with sweet potatoes
  3. Make it a smoothie – sneak spinach and kale with berries and bananas
  4. Grate it to pieces – try zucchini or carrots grated into quesadillas or meatballs

Make it Fun

Kiddos have a unique superpower; one us adults lost many years ago. They are the ultimate masters of fun! And if we could step into their world, we’d see things differently. 

We’d see why kids don’t wanna sit still at the dinner table, why they don’t wanna go to bed, and why mealtimes are stressful.

Kids are little scientists busy exploring the world around them. And if we can make mealtimes “fun” instead of stressful, they can explore the many amazing foods with all their healthy goodness. Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Involve your kiddo by letting them be your little chef
  • Turn broccoli, apples, and carrots into trees, dinosaurs, and airplanes
  • Ask them about the flavor, smell, and feel of their foods

Fill in Nutrition Gaps

No survival guide is complete without double and triple checking all your bases. That’s why filling in nutrition gaps with a vitamin for picky eaters is on our list. 

And there’s one vitamin that checks all the boxes:

  • Yummy taste
  • Easy to take (it literally melts in your mouth)
  • Zero sugar or junk
  • Hand-picked ingredients
  • And lots more!

This unicorn of vitamins is Renzo’s. When it comes to quality and taste, nothing else comes close! Renzo’s Vitamins are healthy, melty, and magical. They’re made with wholesome, clean ingredients with no sugar or GMO junk. 

Check out Renzo’s for a healthy vitamin for kids. It’s loved by picky eaters and approved by super parents – or your money back. Shop Renzo’s Vitamins >>
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