5 Activities to Create Healthy Habits for Kids

5 Activities to Create Healthy Habits for Kids

Kicking the year off on a healthy note is music to our immune system’s ears! Add in the magical ingredient. . . FUN, and these healthy habits are the start of a lifelong pursuit. Here are 5 January activities to get your year started right. 

Create a Water Chart

Drinking more water is a common New Year’s resolution. Which really means, us adults really struggle to stay hydrated! (At least from water since, sadly, coffee doesn’t count).

But there’s another reason why water should stay top of mind this January. 

Our chance of dehydration increases during the winter!

Because, well, we’re not all that thirsty. In fact, the body’s thirst response is diminished in cold weather by up to 40%. 

So this January, we’re giving our kiddos a lifelong hydration head start by making water fun. And an exciting Water Chart is just the way to get started. 

Create a daily goal for your kiddo – let’s say 4 sippy cups. Each time they finish one cup, they get to color in their chart. Fill in the whole chart for a fun treat!

Learn a Yummy, Healthy Recipe

Too many of us try to “eat healthier” by tossing together iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. 

But it’s not all that tasty, making it hard to stick to and inevitably giving “healthy eating” a bland name. (Nevermind the sugar bomb in that ranch dressing!)

Rather than pass this thinking on to our kiddos, we can make healthy eating nutritious and delicious by exploring yummy, kid-friendly recipes. 

Here are a few immune-boosting winter recipes to try this January!

Explore a New Hobby

Our kiddos are filled with childlike wonder and an adventurous spirit. And as parents, we can guide them to discover hobbies, talents, and interests. 

They may harbor a deep love of sci-fi novels, the mind of an artist, or the creativity of a chef. But, as the saying goes, “you’ll never know until you try!

Here are some new hobbies to explore this year:

  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Origami
  • Knitting
  • Puzzles
  • Astronomy
  • Music
  • Jewelry Making
  • Gymnastics
  • Drawing

Get Moving 

We all know physical activity is good for our health. But it’s not always easy to get motivated. . . at least not if you’re a parent. 

However, our kiddos seem to have a never ending supply of energy. So rather than spend time behind our screens, let’s get moving as a family!

Outdoor Activities:

Spending time outdoors during the winter is great for our health. That’s because during the winter, our Vitamin D levels drop, making it easy for germs to invade our immune system. 

But Vitamin D does more than boost immunity, it can also have a positive effect on calcium absorption (hello strong bones and teeth!), digestion, and even mood

So when the sun is shining, consider these fun ideas to get outside this winter: 

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bike riding
  • Obstacle course
  • Dog walking
  • Snowball fight

Indoor Activities:

We get it, sometimes it’s just too cold to get outside. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stay active! Here are a few fun ways to stay active even while indoors:

  • Hula hooping
  • Indoor Hopscotch
  • Indoor Sports (Soccer, basketball, volleyball)

Start a Vitamin Routine

There’s nothing better than giving our bodies the amazing vitamins and nutrients they need this winter. Plus, when we create a vitamin routine habit for our kids, they’re more likely to continue later on in life. 

Now that’s a win-win!

There’s a few things to keep in mind when starting a vitamin routine, especially if you have a picky eater. 

  1. Choose a yummy vitamin: Vitamins don’t do us any good when they sit in our cabinets. And that’s exactly what happens when your kiddo doesn’t like the taste! So make sure your kid’s vitamin routine includes yummy vitamins they’ll LOVE taking!
  2. Avoid gummies: Seriously, avoid them completely! Gummies are sugar bombs that get stuck in little teeth. And with as much sugar per gram as an Oreo, it’s no wonder dentists say, “steer clear of gummies!”
  3. Habit stack: When you combine your vitamin routine with an activity you already do, that’s called habit stacking. And it makes it easy for our kiddos to remember, even when we forget. Consider stacking your vitamin routine with these activities: 
    1. Morning teeth brushing
    2. Breakfast or lunch
    3. After naptime

For a kid’s vitamin that’s easy to take and checks all the boxes, try Renzo’s Vitamins. Yummy, nutritious, and sugar-free, Renzo’s are loved by kids, parents, dentists, and pediatricians!

Here’s to kicking the new year off right!

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