4 Parent Survival Tips You Need This Summer

4 Parent Survival Tips You Need This Summer

If summer break brings less thoughts of suntans, vacations, and vitamin SEA and more thoughts of erratic bedtimes, nonexistent peace, and fussiness then you’ll want to keep these summer survival tips handy!

We asked moms to share their best tips on how to survive the summer break. Here’s what they said:

Summer Tip #1: Go on Adventures

Nina from California says she and her 3 littles “try to go on about 2 adventures per week to new places.”

Going on family field trips whether to the zoo or checking out a new park not only helps us keep our sanity, but helps kids avoid summer learning loss. 

But don’t think the fun is only for kids! Dr. Christina Hibbert tells moms to: 

“Plan activities YOU enjoy with your kids. While it’s great to do the activities our kids enjoy, I’ve learned that kids also tend to enjoy the things we enjoy doing, if we do them together.”

Summer Tip #2: Pack healthy snacks

Healthy mom advocate Amanda reminds us that keeping healthy snacks on hand is super important on our adventures. Refreshing snacks like frozen fruits & smoothies hit the spot on hot, summer afternoons. 

Not only can we manage our kid’s nutrition by avoiding non-nutritious emergency snacks, but we also save money! Plus, we can avoid the fussiness that comes with hungry tummies.

But summer adventures aren’t the only time where planning snacks ahead of time is handy. Sophie from The Busy Mom Food Prep shares a few tips on daily food prep for picky eaters:

  1. Start small - Planning an entire week can be overwhelming. Sophie suggests meal prepping twice a week to keep things manageable. 
  2. Consider the week’s schedule - Tie in meal prepping to what you and your family have planned that week. Plan meals around things like family outings, snacks at practice, and dining out. 
  3. Grocery day to do - Sophie recommends moms wash, dry & chop fruits & veggies as soon as the groceries are unpacked. This makes the rest of the week a breeze!
  4. Figure out your family’s staple - For Sophie, chicken is her go-to for her picky eaters. So she always makes plenty of chicken to keep on hand.

Summer Tip #3: Make staying home fun

Not all summer days are filled with Insta-worthy vacations. There are times when our kiddos are bored and all that energy will have nowhere to go.

On days like this, make staying home fun! 

Amanda also came in to save the day with fun home activities this summer. “Chalk outdoors is definitely a favorite, puzzles and painting are great for indoors too!”

Even something as simple as eating outdoors is an easy way to kick the boredom blues to the curb. So grab a basket and plan a picnic!

Summer Tip #4: Keep a schedule

When summer vacation rolls in, the schedule gets thrown out. And while we’re all for spontaneous fun, a little scheduling can avoid crankiness that comes from no bedtime. So keep your little one’s bedtime routine for good sleep habits and better moods!

And keep in mind that is for YOUR sanity busy parents. That’s why Emily from Just Playing House reminds us to schedule in ME time. You can coordinate with a spouse and other parents to give you a much needed break. No mom guilt allowed! 

Have more summer survival tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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